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Really? I have bad dreams to.
If bullets weren't so expensive, it would be #10.
Appoint real Americans for once!
Do us the favor any save tax payers the money for trial and add another name on the Golden Gate Bridge in the high diving class of 2014.
Rubio= wolf in sheep skin. There is something about this guy when he speaks, his expressions say something different. Don't know, but if McCain was 200 years younger he would look like this guy.
Puppet on the hand of a traitor
They like her, voted for this to take from others and give it to someone else, so while you lay dying, you can thank your political learders. Next time you won't be so moved to take away someone else's things for yourself and those like you. Greed, greed, and more greed has a price.
Ronnie Milsap can see though this admin. What's not transparent?
just another turd
60000 a year vrs .15cents. Its all about politics
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