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Hogwash! Definitely will not take the economics class you took ... or did you?
The guy couldn't make it as a college professor and he couldn't make it as a community organizer, so why would anyone believe he could make it in Washington as a Senator never mind as president?
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Marine In Mexican Misery

Anthony467 Wrote: Jun 03, 2014 1:30 AM
"Why aren't our so -called repulsive republican leaders making this an issue?" The answer is money!
Because of the FED, what a nickel bought in 1913 today will cost about $1.15. Isn't government great?
Rahm's father loved guns and Rahm doesn't? Odd!
L.A. smog plus south bay curve convinced me to leave 23 years ago ... not at all sorry.
Forget Obama, forget congress, forget what the MSM has to infer, the question should be who will eventually take over the Syrian National Bank? Will it be the same people that now control the Libyan Bank, the Fed, and numerous other National Banks? Furthermore: 1 - Who makes up the Free Syrian Army? 2 - Are we sending a limited number of troops to the Middle East the same way we sent a limited number of troops to Vietnam? Not even your hairdresser knows for sure.
Two pints to ponder: 1 - "A civil union wouldn't have to be recognized as valid in other states, as a marriage license is." From what I've read not every state accepts a gay marriage license as valid. 2 - "Think before writing." Doesn't need an explanation.
Sorry to disappoint you Katie, but what 44 is offering isn't "leadership".
Since Obama learns about national and international news via the broadcast system he should fire his advisors and buy an extra television with the money saved, then he's sure to govern expeditiously and keep up with the soaps at the same time..
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