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Follow the money and you will have a better understanding of why the government is going in this direction. Research the United Nation's first resolution following the murder of Gaddafi.
Fundamentally change the U.S.A., the country that rescued the world twice in the 20th century from barbarism. That doctrine is still on course running straight and true. This nightmare that we are living in can only be resolved by eradicating ALL of those responsible.. ALL!!!
Tell that to Jeff.
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Banks Threaten to Leave Scotland

Anthony467 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 5:19 AM
Shoot them or bring back the barter system... your choice.
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The Post Obama Recovery Begins Here

Anthony467 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 5:10 AM
"Oh yeah we had that at one time." Are you referring to Andrew Jackson?
"I'll leave it to others to determine what the legal, academic definition of war may be," Earnest said. Depends on what the meaning of "is" is huh Earnest?
Well said Caleb.
They're all scum.
“You participate and vote, and you can have some control over what happens to your child and your country.” That's the biggest crock of sh!t I've read since yesterday.
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