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Because that is what they do... lie!
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Obama's State of Disunion

Anthony467 Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 6:44 PM
Ask him if he cares.
Can you count on one hand how many of them are not traitors?
"the environmental risk the pipeline carrying higher carbon oil produced by oil shale poses." I guess you believe carrying said oil in tanker cars is safer?
Okay Barry, here's my concern... when will you start telling the truth?
Jeb for president? Not in my house and not in any of my friend's homes. Is the fix in already???
"What makes our leaders think we are immune from the destructive forces of a shaky financial foundation?" What leaders?
A narcissistic mental masturbator will never accept martyrdom as a viable alternative.
If I were Loretta I'd run away as fast as my two little feet could carry me. Going to join Barry's squad after the current shellacking, is she that dumb ? Life in a fish bowl before being flushed down a toilet.
Walker and Carson are both good men, but would rather see Trey Gowdy (Pres), Jeanine Pirro (V-P), and Andrew Napolitano for A.G. Just my opinion.
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