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Good one. But then Aldus Huxley proposed the answer to that one in Brave New World where all sex was soley for sport/pleasure, and reproduction was strictly controlled by the state pumping our test tube babies. As much as I dislike the politics of groups, I don't see hating anyone as the path to our mutual salvation.
Funny how homosexuals seem to revel in the idea that someone famous has achieved great success and is "one of you." Of course every minority group wants to have someone to look up to, but then being homosexual is not the same as any other minority group is it? Ironically, some of the behaviors that ultra conservatives claim to be most disgusting, are very common for them to practive covertly. We have a really repressive, screwed up society. The one thing the homosexuals have that many others admire is their extreme freedom to be whatever it is they feel they are. Personally, I just don't care to know about it. I don't think there's any proof that Lord Baden Powell was a switch hitter or homosexual.
Even after the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security, and Pres. Obama's unconstitutional Executive Orders, it's still mostly a free country, so as a Eagle Scout myself, I have no problem with anyone chiming in on any subject. There are times when National BSA policy upsets me, but nothing they do will ever change what I did to earn my Eagle Award. I can't imagine it meaning much to anyone who would think of using it as a protest item.
Fuzzy2 is your logic. There's no reason to assume who's going to be physically attracted for what reasons. Scout camp is generally not the place to be acting on such impulses. Leaders regardless of their identifications and desires have no place interacting inappropriately (per law) with each other or with minors. The fact that it has happened is tragic for anyone hurt. More recent rules and training are intended to prevent it.
Dear Mr. Bowman: would you agree that "pervert" is a word meant to hurt more than to describe specific actions or behaviors? Anything that's "out of the normal majority" behaviorily, would scientifically be considered "diviant, " but isn't that the problem? People want others to be "like them," not different from them. If a person is different, it used to be OK to make fun of them etc. Many people take literally Biblical phrases that say same sex intercourse is a sin. We could all agree that we don't want any sinners teaching our kids! Right? Well, then I guess our kids won't have any teachers, because the same Bible tells us that we're ALL sinners. I'm for the Scout Oath and Law 100%.
When we have a bunch of people running our country most of whom don't share the wisdom or personal character of the founding fathers, what we get is a badly broken system. A system that rewards and punishes the wrong people. A system that encourages and discourages the wrong behaviors. When politics rules all, common sense is dead or near death! Most of what's wrong goes on because most of us are too busy taking care of our person life to expend time, engergy and money on every little thing that the governmemt is messing up. That's why strangling the government of tax money, is seen as the only way to get them to release us from their death grip short of a revolution.
Before all the high tech inventions, and rules to protect the back country, Boy Scouts and fishermen used to go out and gather down wood to burn for cooking and camp fires. It helped to keep areas we taveled in from becoming the brush piles that are fueling the major burns we see now. One of these super fires kills more wildlife and trees than any human intervention excepting a clear cut. If corporate loggers had not pushed clear cutting, and had acted on their own to protect the most majestic of old growth trees, maybe the environmental wackos wouldn't have been so successful in shutting down logging etc.?
Many people feel a strong need to be important, and they have found a cause for their savior complex in nature. Starting from the basic idea that human development is the source of all problems, they work tirelessly to "protect" things while never coming to grips with the fact that wost of what they do is counter productive. If anything needs saving, it's the air, and the oceans, as everything else depends on them.
One irony is the young of the sixties thought they had discovered something new. Most would not admit it was mostly self indulgence. Social experimentation has costs - liberalism is one of them. Change is constant. The direction of change is variable.
Pres. Ronald Reagan would've said - there you go again - being logical and reasonable.
No real news here. It's just that Congress has done for education what it has done for so many other aspects of like. Made them lose value, less effective, and more expensive. Even if a person's aptitude test says they should be a plumber, they may be most happy doing something else. We should be enouraging people to find out what that is, so they can be very happy, instead of competitenly miserable.
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