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Joe Manchin, Bart Stupak.....don't let them fool you.
Scrap the VA single payer system. Give our Veterans the freedom of choice that every other government employee has now. A choice of several private insurers and the freedom to switch each year if they so choose. No such problem for government employees that have the power of private competition to ensure good service. Give our Vets the same advantage.
Obama's plan hide the illegal immigrants all over the country so they can never be tracked.
Ritholtz article missed the big point. We compete globally and our tax policy doesn't stand up to the competition. We can as a nation be competitive or be the losers who whine about the playing conditions. The correct corporate tax is zero.
You and every young man in American. She's smart, sensible, beautiful and can hit her target with words or a gun. If I were a younger man you would have competition LOL
Makes perfect sense. Creates the means to cover healthcare expenses and no one forced to purchase anything in violation of their beliefs.
At one time there was mention of her running for the Senate in her home state of Arizona. She would be a great choice.
If the government can't defend our borders the people will just do it themselves.
Easy choice....Not Hilary
And remember that free stuff is not really free. "There is no free lunch" Milton Friedman
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi Is Matthews waking up to the truth of this quote?
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