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10 days is crazy. Criminal convictions are public records that can be done via web search in a matter of seconds. Even if the store selling the guns sends the information elsewhere they should get an answer back in a day.
So they leave the cesspool of high taxes they voted for and then bring those votes to the more appealing conservative states eventually to ruin them as well? Liberals can't even see they are running from their own policies.
The records are backed up but to difficult to retrieve? Defeats the purpose of backing anything up. Time to call BS on this latest lie to conceal/destroy evidence.
As the grandson of legal immigrants from Europe I can only remember my grandparents opinion. They felt is was rude for people to come to this country and expect the US to speak their language. They knew when they came they needed to improve their English and did so without expecting assistance from government.
The can't tolerate a successful graduate because of his religious faith. Such small minded people.
Self defense is a basic human right and a constitutional one.
Stop it, you will make the liberals heads explode.
Self defense is a constitutional right and is also a basic human right. Anyone who wants to disarm you is intentionally putting you in harms way.
There are a number of convenience type stores already have such machines. Push combo meal #2 slide credit card and pick up your order. When a person can be replaced by a customer with no training and get through the line at least as fast I would often prefer the machine.
Freedom of speech denied to a soldier that defends our freedoms?
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