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Makes perfect sense. Creates the means to cover healthcare expenses and no one forced to purchase anything in violation of their beliefs.
At one time there was mention of her running for the Senate in her home state of Arizona. She would be a great choice.
If the government can't defend our borders the people will just do it themselves.
Easy choice....Not Hilary
And remember that free stuff is not really free. "There is no free lunch" Milton Friedman
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi Is Matthews waking up to the truth of this quote?
I always knew the weather was not nearly the magnitude being used as an excuse. It was winter and it was cold is hardly revelation. These revisions only make it far clearer that there is serious weakness and more likely to be valid reasons are higher taxes and regulations.
When these companies leave we lose them forever. It's not like we can change our taxes and they instantly come back. Government greed is doing long term damage.
Time to prosecute for destroying evidence. Have a complete search and seizure and audit of the IRS, start firing and jailing people.
Hope all the republicans that want to consider immigration reform read this article. Pass a bill on immigration after taking the senate and let Obama veto it if he chooses.
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