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The Return of Rev. Wright and the Small Donor Surge To Romney

Anthony385 Wrote: May 19, 2012 11:47 AM
Those who are disgusted by the rotten reverend are already supporters of Romney. The remainder would vote for Obama even if he attended a church with Adolph Hitler as the pastor...or are just too stupid to care. This issue has played out to the maximum benefit of the Republican is worth a periodic reminder, but not as a major campaign issue that detracts from the incompetence and destructiveness of Obama.

"He is a bitter man...Jeremiah Wright is a joke...[What] Obama's crazy preacher is saying this week" is a "side show."

These quotes are from my interview Wednesday with Bloomberg View's Jonathan Alter, the transcript of which is here.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright is relevant again, and about to get even more relevant, and it will be hard for the MSM which loved the 50-year old story of alleged bullying at Cranbrook to ignore the details of what happened 50 months ago. Alter is a strong supporter of Obama and a very smart guy, and he knows this re-emergence of Wright...