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It's not at all perplexing that the ideas of Keynes (along with various socialists, monetarists, etc.) are prevalent. As Richman says, they give justification to government interference in the economy, which the politicians want to do anyway, because it gives them power. Therefore, the politicians have seen to it that their government-financed education industry is run by socialist-statist types who will teach unfounded, pro-government economic theory as undisputed truth and denounce opposing theories as discredited garbage. The politicians are acting in their own interest by seeing to it that the general public (as well as most of the so-called "experts") are indoctrinated in the belief that government is acting in the public interest (rather than its own).
Wrong. The Roosevelt administration argued before the Supreme Court that SS was a tax, like any other tax, not an insurance program (which the court found unconstitutional), and that there was no guarantee that anyone paying the tax would receive anything, since the law regarding eligibility could be changed at any time (and has been many times in the intervening years).
Because most of them are idiots. Learning how to function in a particular sector and make huge sums of money doesn't necessarily translate into high intelligence, or even sanity, with regard to anything else. Most of the super-rich are one-trick ponies.
Before we can throw the bums out, a way has to be found to break the power of both major political parties. As long as they have the money and power to control who is allowed to run for office, bums are the only choice. Replacing one party-approved, "go along with the program" politician, with another, is no improvement.
Social Security, Medicare, etc. are and always have been (regardless of what lying politicians would have you believe) welfare programs, and need to be managed as such. I am all in favor of helping the old and infirm to survive, but there must be means testing; there is no reason why anyone should be taxed to subsidize those with enough income to make it on their own.
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Bush’s Big Government Legacy: DHS

Anthony305 Wrote: May 26, 2014 12:31 PM
When I first heard of the creation of DHS and the description of what agencies it was going to control and what it was intended to do, my immediate reaction was--"oh my God, they're creating a modern, hi-tech version of Stalin's NKVD". This is a concentration of far too much power in one place; much of it needs to be destroyed, and the necessary parts (Border Patrol, Coast Guard, etc.) dispersed, or sent back where they came from.
Chilean prosperity was the gift of General Pinochet. He saved his country from communism and put a system in place that allowed his people to flourish; although he had to impose it by force and kill off some of the opposition, on the whole, he was Chile's greatest benefactor (and he was hounded to the grave for doing it). Now the ignorant are bringing back the cancer of socialism and destroying the source of their success (and, eventually, their freedom as well).
Live the dream; say what you think, do as you please, and tell those who find it "offensive" to go to hell. The leftist morons can't censor us with "political correctness", unless we let them. Why should we conform to a code set by people who despise us, to avoid condemnation that we'll get anyway? If enough people ignore the "rules", to where being offended is no longer politically profitable, it will pass.
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The Specter Haunting Europe

Anthony305 Wrote: May 23, 2014 11:43 AM
If there's a general move toward decentralization, it's a good thing. Centralization's main result is centralized power and tyranny. The less outside interference there is with people's lives, businesses and property and in local affairs, the more free and prosperous we will be.
Nonsense. Any statistics we get from government are worthless, calculated by changeable formulae, manipulated and falsified to make government and its actions appear in a better light. As johnm h says, there should be an end to the collection of statistics; their only purpose is to be used as a basis for government interference in what should be private transactions. Government interference in the economy through taxation, regulation and financial manipulation by the Fed, is detrimental to prosperity and the source of most of our economic problems. The cure for our floundering economy is a drastic reduction in the powers and expense of government, not different statistics for them to base their meddling on.
Why not? Any of the traditional methods--firing squad, hanging, electrocution, guillotine, gas chamber, etc., would be preferable to what is being used now (cheap, simple, effective). Personally, I'd go with hanging, as it's more compatible with public executions. People should see the end result of evil actions.
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