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Another attempted fraud by the Republican leadership; they give Obama the money he wants, and allow him to continue importing illegal aliens, while claiming that they're doing something to stop it. The whole damn government needs to be flushed; no more than ten percent of these people are fit to hold public office.
I hope she goes for it. With the notable exception of Cruz, none of the people being talked about as potential candidates are fit to be president. The country can't afford another Bush-Romney-McCain-Dole-type establishment candidate, who, even if he did win, would just preside over our continuing slide into socialism, debt and tyranny. If we don't get a president that will throw government into reverse, and start undoing the things that are ruining the country, we may as well sink with a Democrat as captain.
Cruz, Mike Lee and a few others, seem to be the only ones standing up for the Constitution and the country. Rubio is questionable due to his stand on illegal immigration, and Paul seems to be sucking-up to the party establishment, hoping to maintain himself in office.
Barr usually comes pretty close, but he missed it altogether on this one. It makes no difference what sort of bills the House might pass to strengthen border security,or curb illegal immigration. The Senate isn't going to consider anything like that, and Obama wouldn't sign it anyway. I also doubt the conspiracy between Mexico and the Central American countries. It's more likely that Obama pressured the Mexican government to allow the transit of these people through Mexico, because he wants them to come.
Elections are rigged in favor of incumbents--due to the party system and campaign finance laws. With the laws limiting contributions to any particular candidate, hardly any of them can raise enough money on their own to run a successful campaign, and must rely on money from the numerous party campaign committees and party-controlled PACs. This gives the party leaders control over who is allowed to run for office, and if the incumbent has gone along with the program and voted as the leadership prescribes, there will be financial support from the party to fight challengers within, or without. The entire system is corrupt and evil; the people and organizations that fund the party establishment own the party leaders, and they use the money to control their elected officials. Why do you think Congress voted for campaign finance restrictions? Not to "take the money out of politics", but to redirect it to keep themselves in power.
I don't see that Obama has backed away from any of his policies, or beliefs; he continues to push them as hard and fast as he can. He's just trying to escape any personal responsibility for the results of his actions.
This woman is delusional. Obama doesn't need to go to the border; he knows exactly what's going on, since he and his underlings are the ones who organized and promoted it, as a means to advance their political agenda. Furthermore, he's not about to personally associate himself with this; the only thing that's kept him from being run out of town on a rail is his ability to (at least in the minds of his supporters) appear to have nothing to do with the evil consequences of his policies.
Tanner is a moron. Neither E-Verify, or a national ID is necessary for enforcement. Illegal aliens (and many legal immigrants, who are allowed to live at public expense, under existing law) are a drag on the economy, in that they consume considerably more in public spending, than they contribute. You cannot have open borders in a welfare state; billions of people would like to come here and live at at our expense, if we let them. Legal immigration needs to be restricted to people who will be self-supporting and an asset to the country, and kept at a rate low enough to allow assimilation, and not turn the culture, or the political system upside-down. Illegal immigration needs to be stopped by ending any benefit of being here illegally (no work, no welfare, no schooling, no medical treatment---nothing), and driving out and deporting all that came illegally.
Barr is right, except that nothing is going to happen. The Senate isn't about to do anything to restrict the lawless actions of Obama and his appointees; they will continue to lie and obstruct, and blame Republicans for what they are doing. The only power the House has is to refuse funding anything, until Obama relents and accepts their terms; Boehner has already renounced this power. The House could have broken Obama's will (and still could), and got most of what they wanted, but not in two weeks; they would have to be committed to holding out for two months, two years, or however long it takes, and they just don't have the will (or the leadership) to do it.
It is Bush's fault to the extent that it was his administration that installed the corrupt, authoritarian, sectarian, incompetent government, that has made Iraq more susceptible to the internal strife that has empowered the terrorists. They could hardy have done worse in choosing the type of government and the people to run it.
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The Education Establishment's Success

Anthony305 Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 4:02 PM
Even worse, these educational assessments are a long way from stringent, and considering that today's curriculum is incomplete and inaccurate, those who did absorb some of it are probably less informed than the ones who didn't. Better ignorant, than misinformed and maleducated.
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