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"He knows he's a failure already"? And what would lead one to believe that? He and his appointees, in every agency of government, are advancing socialism and state control of everything and everyone, in thousands of ways (many of which, we are not yet aware of). Unless there is a purge of the Republican leadership, they aren't going to even try to reverse what Obama has done, should they come to power (as W not only failed to undo Clinton's movement of government in the same direction, but extended it). We need a different sort of people in charge of government (who will devote their energy to dismantling most of the tyrannical, unaffordable structure of government, that's been built over the last hundred years). Otherwise, the next leftist administration will finish the job; if Obama can't "transform" us into North Korea in the next two and a half years, he will have left a structure in place for his successors to do it.
Zuckerberg and his wife, evidently, are not educated enough to see that they're throwing their money away for nothing. In today's circumstances, money has nothing to do with education. Public schools, colleges, etc. have far more money than necessary; they're just spending it in ways that contribute nothing to education (the plague of unnecessary administrators and counselors, for instance). The present system, with schools of education, government bureaucracy and teachers unions that are focused more on social and political indoctrination and crackpot teaching methods, than actually imparting useful information, is a disaster. What is needed is a return to the teaching methods and curriculum of eighty, or a hundred years ago, and teachers who are, themselves, educated in the subjects they are supposed to be teaching.
Does Donohue have to be an idiot, or a scoundrel? I remember him from his days as president of the American Trucking Association, then he was both. The only good thing that can be said about him is that he's loyal to whoever is paying him.
A totally wrong assessment--the polls, at this point, are meaningless; they generally don't even get near to being accurate, in anything close enough to be a contest, until the week before an election. Hillary was assumed to be unbeatable in 2008, and was thrashed by a no-name, freshman Senator, whose only selling point was his race. The election turns more on whether the present Republican leadership is able to maintain its power and impose its will on its congressmen, and then pick another of its own as the presidential candidate. This is the Republicans' nightmare scenario--if they bring an amnesty for illegal aliens (or other legislation opposed by their voters) to the House floor and allow the Democrats to pass it (with just enough Republicans to make a majority), and then anoint another of their liberal-establishment brethren as the presidential candidate, they're done. Republicans chances of winning the presidency (and Congress) will be dependent on whether the party moves to actually represent its voters, or continues to sell itself to the big-money donors who fund the party organization (and give the party-leaders their power, through controlling the money). If the same people remain in charge, and sell out their voters to maintain themselves in power, they'll lose in a landslide. Republican voters are tired of being lied to and sold out, and will not turn out to support another "lesser of two evils" candidate. Without a candidate and program that the voters are enthusiastic about, and can't wait to vote for (see Reagan), a great many just won't vote.
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A Young College Grad Calls My Show

Anthony305 Wrote: May 27, 2014 8:39 PM
We need to shut down the colleges, fire 80% of the staff and start over. These kids are being taught not to think; they're dumber with a degree than they would have been without going to school.
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Random Thoughts

Anthony305 Wrote: May 27, 2014 7:35 PM
Not so much personal gain (at least of individual legislators), as to maintain the power of the party leadership. The party bosses have sold out to the groups that fund the various party organizations, PACs, etc.; control over this money gives party leaders power to decide who will be allowed enough financial support to run for office, and intimidate those in office into voting with the leadership, if they want to stay in office.
It's not at all perplexing that the ideas of Keynes (along with various socialists, monetarists, etc.) are prevalent. As Richman says, they give justification to government interference in the economy, which the politicians want to do anyway, because it gives them power. Therefore, the politicians have seen to it that their government-financed education industry is run by socialist-statist types who will teach unfounded, pro-government economic theory as undisputed truth and denounce opposing theories as discredited garbage. The politicians are acting in their own interest by seeing to it that the general public (as well as most of the so-called "experts") are indoctrinated in the belief that government is acting in the public interest (rather than its own).
Wrong. The Roosevelt administration argued before the Supreme Court that SS was a tax, like any other tax, not an insurance program (which the court found unconstitutional), and that there was no guarantee that anyone paying the tax would receive anything, since the law regarding eligibility could be changed at any time (and has been many times in the intervening years).
Because most of them are idiots. Learning how to function in a particular sector and make huge sums of money doesn't necessarily translate into high intelligence, or even sanity, with regard to anything else. Most of the super-rich are one-trick ponies.
Before we can throw the bums out, a way has to be found to break the power of both major political parties. As long as they have the money and power to control who is allowed to run for office, bums are the only choice. Replacing one party-approved, "go along with the program" politician, with another, is no improvement.
Social Security, Medicare, etc. are and always have been (regardless of what lying politicians would have you believe) welfare programs, and need to be managed as such. I am all in favor of helping the old and infirm to survive, but there must be means testing; there is no reason why anyone should be taxed to subsidize those with enough income to make it on their own.
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