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Absurd. Obama sees (and rightly so) the 2nd Amendment as a threat and impediment to the type of regime he wants to impose on this country. Nothing mentioned here, or anywhere else, is going to prevent him from doing anything he thinks he can get by with to disarm the American public. Obama has the capacity to do more than one thing at a time, if he likes, but for the most part, he doesn't have to do anything, he already has the people in place to do it, without having to involve himself. Obama doesn't give a damn about the arguments for, or against anything. If his agenda can be advanced through administrative action (legally, or otherwise), it will be done.
Government and what passes for "black culture" have made it attractive and profitable to be lazy, irresponsible, lawless and stupid. The schools fail to teach anything of value, or maintain enough discipline to where anything could be taught. Many (not all) of the churches, along with government, schools, professional race baiters, the entertainment industry and the news industry, tell these people that their plight is the fault of racial discrimination, class discrimination, capitalism and nearly anything other than their own choices and actions. Girls are paid to have children without husbands, and make a lifetime career of it; the scum of the earth are glorified as heroes and role models; people who actually try to learn something and better themselves are ridiculed for "acting white". Young black men generally raise themselves in the streets; there is no one around with enough intelligence, or interest in their future, to tell them the things they need to know, or force them to do what is in their best interest. Their parents (usually, only mothers), teachers, pastors, etc., are usually too ignorant and/or filled with racist propaganda, to supply any practical direction, or discipline. Most young men (some will make it on their own) need a father (and a reasonable, intelligent, caring father) to raise them, to supply a model of what a good man should be, and make them understand that their success, or failure in life is their own responsibility. If nothing else, they must learn that if they are to make a living, it's necessary to learn to do something that someone will pay them to do; there are no "living wage" jobs for the illiterate and unskilled, and the "culture" of drugs, stealing, fighting, etc. is likely to end in prison, or the grave. As long as people are paid to inhabit some public housing project to breed, drink and do drugs, nothing is going to change. When the public is no longer forced to subsidize this, and teenage girls see pregnancy as a child they are going to have to support, rather than a meal-ticket for life, most will seek the assistance of a husband, before having children, and the problem will begin to resolve itself. America hasn't "failed black males in this country"; the government's welfare system has destroyed the black family, and eliminated the role of fathers in raising their sons to be decent men, and leftist propaganda, from every direction, seeks to absolve everyone of responsibility for their actions.
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Welcome to Juristic Park

Anthony305 Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 11:38 AM
Yes, it's terrible, but the people in government aren't going to change it (at least, not much). This is the source of much of their power and income (particularly the political party establishments); politicians are in the business of imposing onerous taxes, laws and regulations, and then selling exemptions, or benefits that offset them, to their contributors. If they didn't have some sort of favors to sell, why would anyone give them money? The present gang of morons, through excessive greed and ideology, have pushed it beyond the limits of practicality, and are destroying the economy in the process. Either they are too stupid to see what they're doing, or "would rather reign in hell, than serve in heaven".
Congress could, and should, take action to require all states to recognize each other's carry permits (as they do driver's licenses). But it can't happen while Obama is president, or Reid runs the Senate. There is a very strong possibility that the cop ran this woman's license plate number, and found that she had a carry permit, and that was the primary reason for stopping her.
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Get Ready for Denials

Anthony305 Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 5:17 PM
Outright stupidity is probably the most prevalent cause. Most people seem to take whatever information they get from government and the news industry as undisputed truth, and look no further.
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At Least Get the Big Lie Right

Anthony305 Wrote: Aug 10, 2014 3:44 PM
Bored? You damn well better get interested. This is our money these moron politicians are pissing away to buy themselves power, and we are the ones who will suffer in the economic disaster they are creating, not them.
Obama isn't about to help these people; his sympathies lie more with Arabs and Moslems, than Kurds and Christians. Even if the Kurds are Moslems, and many of the Christians are Arabs, they're not good enough
Adler's suggestions to fix ObamaCare actually entail its elimination, which is the only remedy anyway. The federal government has no Constitutional authority to take control of the healthcare industry by imposing standards of what it considers to be appropriate treatment, insurance, etc., and forcing everyone to comply. Once these things are gone, the rest is extraneous nonsense and needs to be eliminated because it's wasteful and serves no purpose; when they can no longer force us to comply, there is no ObamaCare. The solution is to trash it all, so that people can buy what they want, and healthcare providers and insurance companies can sell it.
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CIA Oversight Needs Oversight

Anthony305 Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 12:43 PM
The entire government, every branch, and at every level, has this problem. The solution should be to have moral, intelligent, patriotic people, with high respect for the Constitution, in positions of power. Unfortunately, this sort of people constitute no more than ten, or twenty percent of the population, and we are lucky to get half that among politicians. The alternate answer (that the men who wrote the Constitution came up with), is to keep the federal government small, weak and short of money, to the point where it isn't able to do much mischief, and the politicians have little in the way of favors to sell, or dispense, to buy themselves power.
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Patrolmen Without Borders

Anthony305 Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 10:59 AM
This is part of the fiction of "border security" that has been practiced for the last twenty-five years (but, now, at a much higher level). The government hires border patrolmen, and puts many of them in places, and doing things that have little, or nothing to do with border security, rather they constitute a waste of money and a public nuisance. Those who work the border are so restricted by laws, rules, regulations, policy and orders from their superiors in the political level of the administration, that they can't effectively do their job. But, it doesn't matter anyway, since whatever illegal aliens that they do catch are not likely to be deported by this administration.
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