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Congress must give its approval to this (or any other) particular military action, and prescribe its limits, hopefully excluding any US involvement in the Syrian civil war (which seems to be the only reason Obama wants to intervene). This is not an emergency where immediate action is required, and there is no time for consultation. A president has command authority, but only in actions authorized by Congress.
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Immigration Is American

Anthony305 Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 11:09 AM
Stossel seems to be operating from the premise that people have a right to come here and that immigration is needed, he's wrong on both counts. Immigration was a positive thing when much of the country was unsettled and everyone who came was obliged to be self-supporting. We are now an overpopulated welfare-state; we don't need any more people, and we don't need the financial burden of supporting those who come here to bum. Some immigration should be allowed, but at nowhere near the present level, and it should be within the law and highly selective. We don't need hordes of unskilled, illiterate Afghans, Mexicans, Somalis, Chechens, etc.; immigrants should be self-supporting and an asset to the country, not potential criminals, terrorists and bums, or a source of cheap, unskilled labor (we already have that, if we'd quit paying them to lay in public housing and breed).
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Post-9/11: Protect the Freedom To Warn

Anthony305 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 4:43 AM
The great majority of so-called security measures instituted since 2001 are a fraud, nothing but theater to give the appearance of "doing something". Security at airports, seaports, military bases, etc., is generally run by buffoons, under rules that make it impossible to do much more than create a lot of hassle and expense. It would be a great improvement if all security was left to the people who actually run these places; at least, they might have some idea what to look for without being constrained by political correctness, and balance what actual security is possible against the unnecessary inconvenience to their employees and customers. In the case of large port installations and military bases, with thousands of people and vehicles coming and going, real security is impossible; there is no way to know who, or what is coming in. DHS needs to be disbanded, and TSA eliminated; government can't do security any better than the thousands of other things it mismanages.
1894 was a good year, and a goal to shoot for. Grover Cleveland was president, the last good Democrat president, before the party went progressive, socialist, communist, or whatever. There was no income tax, Federal Reserve, FBI, regulatory bureaucracy, welfare state, or NSA. Money was gold, or silver coin (or paper immediately convertible to coin); Senators were still appointed by the state legislatures, and represented the states, rather than the assorted pressure groups that buy Senators by funding their campaigns today. The federal government was small, weak and short of cash, and simply didn't have the resources to interfere with people's lives, businesses and property. By all means, we should go back; most of the changes and additions to government in the last 120 years have been wasteful, unnecessary, destructive of our freedom, and stifling to our prosperity. We have given government the means to tyrannize us, and bribe us with our own money (after consuming most of it in administrative costs).
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Speed Kills Racial Profiling Study

Anthony305 Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 10:34 AM
The Dems are consumed with race, religion, age, sex, etc., because it's a way to divide people into groups and play them against each other (while they screw over us all).
The Democrat leadership keeps their candidates and elected officials on a very short leash. They are not allowed to criticize any approved candidate, or policy, without special dispensation, in extraordinary circumstances (to win, or retain a seat for the party). Party support (or opposition) in the next election depends on strict adherence to the party line.
It is “the most transparent administration in history”; I can see, more clearly than ever, how corrupt, lawless, partisan and stupid the people running the government are.
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Obama fails History 101

Anthony305 Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 7:34 PM
I don't doubt that Obama is historically illiterate, but it wouldn't matter if he was well informed. He will say whatever he thinks will advance his program, with no regard for truth, or accuracy.
With police officers, and every other profession, only the most qualified should be hired (assuming that the screening-testing of applicants actually reflects ability to do the job well). If the result (as in the NBA) is that nearly all are black, or that none are black, that's the way it should be. We don't need black cops (or doctors, engineers, professors, etc.), we need the best we can get, without regard to "minority status", or anything else not related to job performance.
Most police departments are not justified in having a SWAT team at all, and the ones who might be, should not be using them to serve search warrants, or anything other than violent and dangerous situations that require that level of force. But, this is not all about cops who want to play Rambo; where are the police supervisors, judges, prosecutors and local politicians that not only allow, but promote this sort of "policing"?
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