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If the Republican leadership, and the donors who own them, succeed in imposing another of their own (Bush, Romney, Christie, McCain, etc.) as the presidential candidate, conservative voters will desert the party in droves. Up to now, conservative voters have supported Republican candidates who act in direct opposition to their interests and preferences (either out of ignorance of what they're really doing, or fear of even worse Democrats); this is not going to continue. If there isn't a change of leadership and policy (to represent their voters, rather than sell government to maintain themselves in power), there will soon be no party; no amount of campaign money will buy back voters who distrust and despise them.
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A Republican Alternative to Obamacare

Anthony305 Wrote: Dec 14, 2014 2:08 PM
The Republicans can't repeal anything; Obama would veto it, and they can't get two-thirds of both houses to pass anything against his will. If they are ever in a position to do anything (with a different president), they need to obliterate it all. The problems with the health-care system before Obamacare were mostly due to previous meddling by the federal and state governments with the medical and insurance industries; undoing this is what comes after Obamacare.
Ryan, along with the rest of the Republican leadership, is a liar and a jerk. They have decided not to oppose Obama on anything, because they don't really disagree with most of what he's doing, and are going to fund everything Obama wants for a year to preclude the new Congress from having any way to contest his actions.
Unless voters can put enough pressure on their congressmen and senators to replace the Republican leadership, they're going to give Obama everything he wants, and as much of it as they can before the new congressmen and senators have any chance to influence it. These people have no interest in stopping Obama, or reversing what he's already done; they don't particularly disagree with most of his program, and are too cowardly to do battle with him, if they did.
I certainly hope Lambro's right, but there's no evidence from the Republican leadership that they're going to do anything more than talk and file useless lawsuits. The only power they have to control Obama is to cut off his money, giving him the opportunity to reject all funding, if he can't get everything he wants, and "shut down the government". Boehner and McConnell have already said that they won't do this, mostly because they are terrified of Obama and the news industry blaming them for it, and they are too cowardly to take the fight to Obama and hold him publicly responsible for his lies, lawlessness and obstruction. It's not likely Sen. Sessions will be able to do anything, since there are rumors that McConnell is going to bump him from the chairmanship of the budget committee to prevent him from taking any such action.
The Brits have the same problem that we do. Governments are controlled by parties, led by liars, crooks and idiots, that are concerned only with their own power and profit (and imposing their ideology on everyone else), and oblivious to the destruction of their countries caused by their policies. Unless a good portion of the public rises up and acts on their own, nothing will be done. The people and the system that create these problems will never undo them; the politicians don't recognize (and wouldn't admit it, if they did) that their policies are destroying their countries, and wouldn't reverse course, if they knew.
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Taking the Crony Out of Capitalism

Anthony305 Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 3:12 PM
There isn't going to be any change without a purge of the party leadership. Both parties, everything in Washington, runs on corruption. The party leaderships are in the business of selling government to the organizations who can supply them with the money and votes to maintain themselves in their positions of power. Hardly any of these people give a damn what the Constitution allows them to do, or what would benefit the country's prosperity, or protect the people's liberty; they are in business for themselves--the business of buying support with public money, and selling whatever laws, regulations and financial benefits government can provide. Corruption is an inherent part of government, and can never be eliminated, but it needs to be drastically reduced. The real, long-term solution is to reduce the power and money available to government, until there isn't much left in the way of favors to sell, or money to buy support.
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GOP’s Sound & Fury Signifies Nothing

Anthony305 Wrote: Nov 22, 2014 10:17 PM
Right on---the Republican leadership have already made up their minds that they aren't going to do anything to stop Obama. The lawsuits, etc. are nothing but political theater, trying to give the public the impression that they're "doing something", when they aren't.
The problem here is that the Republican leadership is not going to do anything about Obamacare (or much of anything else). They sort of like the power and control that it gives to government (particularly when they are in power), and they're terrified of confronting Obama about anything, even if they did oppose him.
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The 2-State Solution Is Dead

Anthony305 Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 8:21 PM
There has never been any possibility of a "two-state solution". All the Arab terrorist groups in the area are pledged to the destruction of Israel and an Arab state, as Arafat often said, "from the river to the sea". If there was an Arab state, it would only be a base for further attacks on Israel, directed toward its eventual elimination.
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