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Leftist Race-baiters

Anthony276 Wrote: May 09, 2012 8:34 AM
whoa!!! "if blacks are denied handouts, they will die as a race"? do you know what you have just said? think about it for, oh, how about an hour? really, no black can survive... oh, i get it. you are the devils advocate. clever, but very accurate of a liberal position.
mhag: the weak retort of one who knows that everyone commenting here is speaking the truth. what disappoints me is that no one is commenting on why homosexuality is wrong, so i will. i sincerely believe that the more our lives and laws are in line with Gods the more at peace individuals and society will be. sadly, i think this whole planet is in a spiraling death spin from which it can't pull out. but as individuals there is still hope for each of us... thru Jesus the Christ.
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