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Middle East Tour d’Horizon

Anthony187 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 9:05 PM
The question is..."Is anyone listening?" And judging from the comments it appears no one is, least of all Obama. Obama is pro-Islam and the USA has its head in the sand concerning it...he has never been a Christian and probably never will. John Kerry on the other had is an "egg plant" he just follows the dominant flavor....Good Luck....but I don't think so.

Next month, both President Obama and newly minted secretary of state John Kerry head for the Middle East. They should listen to a range of views, see the sights, and pause to smell the hummus. As for policies, this would be a good time to consider a few adjustments. Below is a briefing — a briefer briefing than they will get from their advisers — on the state of the states, the players in play, and some different approaches to contemplate.

Israel and the Palestinians: Whatever peace process may have taken place in the past cannot be resuscitated in the present....