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tell it like it is.....5 stars for Crystal....keep it up!
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Middle East Tour d’Horizon

Anthony187 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 9:05 PM
The question is..."Is anyone listening?" And judging from the comments it appears no one is, least of all Obama. Obama is pro-Islam and the USA has its head in the sand concerning it...he has never been a Christian and probably never will. John Kerry on the other had is an "egg plant" he just follows the dominant flavor....Good Luck....but I don't think so.
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A Grand Old Party in Panic

Anthony187 Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 12:24 AM
The GOP has become a party of fear who turn on one another in a moment as is evidenced with Mr. Akins....yes it was a "foot-in-the-mouth" moment, but who hasn't had one....Hmmmm? My goodness show solidarity and stand by him and give him the support he needs....don't be like Prager and Hewett and throw him under the bus with such insolent hatred as if he called for treason... He's still going to win.
Thanks....after Prager and Hewett threw Akins under the bus its nice to hear someone defend seems all of Akins friends or at least used to be friends dumped gave the "dems" great ammunition....see how scared the GOP is....when a friend was needed no one showed up....and for enemies, Prager and Hewett are at the top of the list.
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Obama-Biden: Hope and Chains

Anthony187 Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 10:11 AM
Shame on us as Americans that we are willing to sell our country for a "handout" and empty talk. Obama is evil personified, his goal is to bankrupt America and sell to the muslim brotherhood, and if we are too blind to see it then you get what you pay for. The ads alone shold tell you the heart and character of this demegogue....we need to pray and vote for integrity, morality, and honesty....which obama never had and never will.
calling it like it is....excellent did America become so disembowled? How did these perverted men ever come into office and power as to rule our cities and governments? keep up the good work....
OK....I'll give him long as that right remains away from the desk of obama
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New Obama Slogan: From One, Many

Anthony187 Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 7:35 PM
if obama can estinguish the integrity, values, and Christian standards of right and worng...then he can effectively destroy the American, Patriotic spirit and fashion for the vulgar left a slave nation dependant upon government chechs and voting for whatever "massa" wants.
why does paranoid believe that truth is a revision of history...truth will always be truth....whether you believe it to be true or not.....McCarthy was right on, on the right....paranoid is a good name for a liberal
call it like it is...homosexuality is an abomination, which is what God called is vile, vulgar, nasty, and un-natural. There is nothing "loving" about it. Now, do we hate the homosexual, no, but we do find dispicable his vile practice. Homosexuals are driven by un-natural and vile lust plain and I said, call it like it is
It makes perfect sense to eliminate the wins on a coach that aided and abetted a dispicable, vile man to abuse young men. The innocent always get hurt by the greed and pride of others who "see no evil, hear no evil", yet are very evil in their silence. Really Prager, is 112 wins really more important than the corruption of the young men who will forever live with their abuse? Geez,Prager, stop being a compromiser and stand for something!!!
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