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Boom: Romney Punches Back on Bain

Antes30 Wrote: May 14, 2012 6:03 PM
Wrong! They didn't look for companies with good credit ratings. They worked with distressed companies, that we about to go under.
WOW! You're a really funny guy.
Attacking Romney for Bain didn't work very well for Gingrich.
There are plenty of problems with Obama, but the color of his skin isn't one of them.
Does her faith also compel her to support polygamous marriages? It was accepted and encouraged in Biblical times.
Wouldn't it be better for Romney and the country if he select people for positions in the administration who are best qualified, rather than just the losers of the republican race.
Was it really Obama who got Osama? i didn't even know he was a Navy Seal.
We don't need to 'wait until they play that Mormon card." (Obama campaign) The so-called "relgious right conservatives" have been playing it for quite some time.
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Sigh: DWS' Lie of the Day

Antes30 Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 5:41 AM
All I hear when she speaks is the sound of fingernails slowly scraping down the chalkboard.
Come on Newt. You've got to stay in the race. Who cares if your not winning any delegates. It doesn't bother us if some pundits say you are more irelevant than Ron Paul. Perhaps you can sell some of Callista's Tiffany jewelry and drive an old beater car to the next speech. Maybe you could try that trick of yours and yell at the media. Then maybe the crowded might get fired up like those rednecks did that one time. Yes, please keep going, because we all need a little humor in this campain. I guess the other thing you could do is bow out gracefully and endorse Romney like a real gentleman, but that wouldn't be as much fun as watching you wallow around, thinking you're somehow still important.
Does Romney also want to take away insurance from little girls?
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