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Defenitaely not. Heck, I voted for flippin' Max Baucus in one of my first elections. But I am not going to do the same stupid sh*# over and over and expect a different result. And SS will end on my watch,hopefully in an intelligent and fair way. The social security trust fund is essentially empty. The only way ss checks go out is from my contributions taken every other week and from borrowing from the chinese. That's just the way it is.
I hate RINO's. Maddening.
Thanks for your service. But I am right. If you have an argument make it.
I understand what you are saying,and agree a lot. But it doesn't matter. The trust fund is gone. And it was stolen mostly on your watch. My kids are not paying for this colossal mistake. Period. And as to your whining about uncle same 'forcing' you to pay ss, nonsense. I pay on some of my income, and am happy to do it as part of the social contract. I am no rocket scientist, but barry doesn't know about some of it. You could and should have done the same.if you really couldn't do anything about the raiding of the trust fund.
I don't actually think this would be that unusual if there was a plan around social security. I know that I will happily pay in provided it ends during my working career. I know, personally, a number of better off older folks who would forgo there benefits if it was for the cause of ending the madness. But as it is, they just take the money and will give whatever they can to their kids and grandkids (that the gov doesn't take) to help offset the inevitable bill.
We' re cleaning up your mess, man. Same as every generation does for the ones that came before. There may be some bumps in the road, maybe a war with the Chinese because of our currency deval program to prop up our entitlement spending. Maybe massive inflation. But nothing we can't handle. Just keep cashing that goverment check and I'll keep working.
I appreciate your service. You are out there ignorant. George Bush, who is a radical liberal in my view, tried and failed to address this over LITERALLY the objections raised by then Sen. Obama, et al. Now you are trying to say those of use who are accurately portraying the dire situation of our entitle spending are Satan and Libs? Social security ends with people my age, 35. My kids will not have this burden. Of course these old RINO;s like Mclame are making things more difficult than they need and still stealing our money to buy votes. But we'll get them soon enough.
Tell me you and Elizabeth are not suggesting more spending programs, I better get back to work, millions of people depend on it. Jeez. Scary.
Good post, but republican pols have bought a lot of votes with ss trust fund money, too. So cleaning house on both sides is necessary to fix the problem..
OK, let's not generalize. Social Security beneficiaries who are relying on that income for their well being are gullible rubes, and we don't need to support them at whatever level they "want". My kids don't deserve that. The madness stops with my generation.
It's important to understand, people on ss and medicare are not necessarily the moral equivalents. Unfortunately, due to poorly managing their affairs, a lot of good people are left in the same boat as the takers and are going to be relying on the generosity of others for their well being. I am no Repub,and no Bush fan, but the trust fund raiding started long before Bush.
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