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It was a concerted effort to suppress the senior vote. They told seniors to put their votes in a box rather than the machine. The lack of GOTV did not help.
No, I would rather just have you arrested and put in jail for voter fraud. We do not want a country with a Dictator rigging elections.
You forget dead people and invisible people. You are a usefull idiot troll. Go away!
LAPHIL, You were not for Romney. You are a liberal troll. There is massive evidence of voter fraud. So go away!!! Go find a George Soros site to troll.
nycXJ61. Rasmussen, Gallup and most of the other polls showed Romney ahead . I'm sure you predicted an Obama win because you probably start filling out blank ballots months ago. Therefore easy to predict.
DHE, Your Communist ideology is neither new or wanted on this site. I know you are worried that you will be caught for voter fraud and it has very high penalties but trolling a conservative website will not save you.
DHE, Go away!!! Isn't there some "useful idiot" blog you can troll. Seriously we are not interested in your input. We do not want a country run by Dictator rigged elections.
Exactly!!! What is the point of doing any of this if the Democrats are just going to steal the election and the Republicans are going to let them. You know that the Republicans are aware of ALL of the voter fraud yet they are silent. This whole system is a sham and waste of our time and money..
It will not matter Democrats will not take the blame for anything. They are low life scum that resort to cheating because they lack the intelligence and hard work to do it the right way.
Or when the seniors are blocked from entering the polling place or when Democrats go to the senior citizen nursing homes and fill out their ballots for them? We are stupid. We know you rigged the election!!! Go away libtroll!!!
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