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Grossly Negligent: NYPD Sued for Shooting Innocent Bystanders

marshallbrinson Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 2:50 PM
I have been shot I will talk about it... They are "SUPPOSED" to be trained "PROFESSIONALS", not rookies with firearms. To shoot about 15 or so rounds and not take out the criminal is PITIFUL! They need a lot more time at the range and in active shooter training...for sure!!!! Bloomberg can afford to push a ban on firearms for normal citizens, so he should insure his Officers are actually TRAINED!

As the gun control debate rages on with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg leading the way, a woman in North Carolina is suing the New York City Police Department after they shot her and nine other people two months ago while trying to take out a single person near the Empire State Building.

A North Carolina college student hit by police gunfire during a shooting outside the Empire State Building argued in a lawsuit Tuesday that the police department and the officers involved need better training to deal with such confrontations in the future.