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Marco Rubio: Obama Isn't a Believer in the Second Amendment

marshallbrinson Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 9:21 AM
Do you happen to understand that the AR Platform is sold in higher quantities than any other rifle on the market??!! That makes is "TYPICALLY POSSESSED by Law Abiding Citizens for Lawful Purposes"!!!! and just curious??? what makes the AR style weapons "military-style weaponry"??? Because they are Black? Because they have a Pistol Grip? They are definitely not Select-Fire like the Military! And a semi-auto only weapon would never be issued to the military! SO?????

Appearing on The O'Reilly Factor last night, Florida Senator Marco Rubio said President Obama "doesn't have the guts" to admit that he doesn't believe in the Second Amendment and that his new push for gun control is something he's been wanting to do for his entire political career.

“I actually believe the president doesn’t have the guts to admit he doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment although he states that he is. The Second Amendment is in the Constitution. I didn’t write the Constitution, neither did you, neither did he. If he doesn’t want the Second Amendment to...