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Damage Control: White House Distances Itself from Reid over Tax Remarks

marshallbrinson Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 4:51 PM
Maybe Prez Transparent Obama should release the Fast and Furious Documents if he wants so much transparency! Seems Team Transparency is not so eager to release documents that appear to be hiding something they don't want to be so Transparent! So let's trade...Obama release all of the Fast and Furious Documents and Romney releases unneeded tax forms! Can guarantee you Obama will never be Transparent!!!!!
evie10 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 5:55 PM
yes, more people are concerned about the F&F debacle then Romney's tax returns for years not required for this election. We know he is rich, he gives a lot to charity, he took no salary from the State of Mass when governor, and he uses the same tax tactics as the other members of Congress...we do not need to any further documentation. We do not know a lot of the real history of Obama...even though he has written more than one autobiography but has admitted they are fictional.

Harry Reid’s smeartastic, possibly-maybe-this-is-a-fact-but-maybe-it-isn’t allegation that Mitt Romney committed major tax evasion for a decade finally seem to have jarred the White House. In a press conference today, embattled press secretary Jay Carney attempted to put some space between Senate Majority Leader Reid and President Obama, although Carney wouldn’t go so far as to outright condemn Reid.

The best he could offer was that Harry Reid “speaks for himself,” and, "I think the President is focused on -- and you hear him say this every day -- issues that matter to the American people," which, as RealClearPolitics said,...