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If the voters go for McAuliffe, then they are going for Bloomberg! Too bad not only those voters would suffer under a Bloomberg/McAuliffe Administration! Just having Bloomberg donating to a politician should turn the voters against them!
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Obama Knows Nothing

marshallbrinson Wrote: Oct 29, 2013 9:51 AM
Fact about "The Most Transparent Administration" ever...COVER UP!!!! NObama should be Impeached and Jailed! This is "The Most Corrupt Administration" EVER! Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NObamacare and CGI are just a start! There also needs to be an Investigation into how NObama's wealth has gone from about 1 million to over 12 million!!!
Seems to me, unless the powers to be are still trying to get a confession, the law is mute! Besides...seems that the UN should keep their noses out of a States Business. Personally...I would like to see more strict punishment in Prisons that just Solitary Confinement! Maybe I should be a UN Investigator!!! Still...if they did not do the crime, they would not be faced with Prison and Solitary Confinement to start with. I would be some of their victims went through much worse that Solitary!!!
Anybody with any brains would always vote for the Candidate that Bloomberg was against. It needs to get to the point...when Bloomberg invades your elections with his case, that the opponent always wins! Hopefully he will anger people enough that his money will do more harm for his Chosen Candidate than good! Bloomberg is a Lying Good For Nothing Rich Guy!!!...that run's around with his little armed protection thugs while wanting everyone else disarmed! Hypocrite of the 1st Degree!
Nothing like a Law called Obamacare with and exemption for Obama!!! There is only one fix for this country to start...IMPEACHMENT!!!!
It is time to alter the requirements to be President...need to add: "Must be a US Military Veteran"!!! And maybe that you have to provide a "Certified Birth Certificate"! Seriously starting to wonder how a Supposed American can hate America and Veterans!
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Shots Fired on Capitol Hill?

marshallbrinson Wrote: Oct 03, 2013 2:54 PM
Yo Washington D.C.....Just Curious...How is being a Gun Free Zone working out for you? Seems your laws are just not being honored by Criminals and Thugs! that a Real Surprise to anyone. I believe, unless something has changed, that Criminals are Criminals because they don't obey the law!!! Call Chicago and maybe they can help ya....
Sarah Silverman is an Idiot! If she knew anything about the Real NRA...she would then know that it was actually started to protect Blacks! She is the JOKE...and knows nothing! She just made idiots of the people that joined her in the little video!
I guess you are for the Million Muslim March!!! Hate to tell ya...all Bikers are not Hell's Angels...except in the eyes of the unknowing!!!
Just curious...when was the last time a Thug used an old M-1 in the commission of a crime?? Not allowing imports of old Military Relics is not going to have any effect on street crime! When is the last time you saw a gang member with an old Military Rifle under his jacket!!!! That is just Blatant Gun Control without allowing a vote!!!! KING NOBAMA strikes again!!!!
But...who cares about "UNION" Teachers....when it comes to getting the kids an Education!!!! If those "UNION" Teachers were teaching...and the kids were learning...they would not need the Voucher System...
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