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If he wants to protect the French People, then they need to introduce a 2nd Amendment type bill immediately. Then the French People could truly protect themselves. You see how well their Gun Control Strategies are working now. When will people realize that Criminals and Terrorist do not obey Gun Control Laws, or any laws for that part....
The article does make a good point, as to the need to fix the Mental Health aspect. If these Liberal Billionaire Gun Grabbers really cared about helping, instead of just the "CONTROL" aspect, they could actually do some good. I agree that we need to fix the Mental Health part of Gun Ownership, but be very careful as not to overreach on the matter. All of those MILLIONS could be spent to help get Mental Health Records included in the NICS Database, so those "TRULY" adjudicated Mentally Ill could be stopped at the point of sale. But, have avenues for them to challenge the finding, so that some Anti-Gun Doc could not abuse the system. I personally have no issue with expanded Background Checks if done correctly. Why has nobody come up with a Computer Based option for Law Abiding Citizens to use when doing Private Gun Sales. That would make it very simple for anyone to use the system. Also need to do away with Vague and Useless Laws like WA States I-594 that makes any transfer of a firearm a crime without a BG Check. If would be so easy to fix if the Politics was taken out of the equation and let Intelligent Normal People propose the fix.
More like LOL MaxUnderwear!! Guess you won't be able to Vote for NObama again in 2016, but you are probably in the process of building your Hildabeast Shrine as we speak. And talk about "Convenient to Ignore"....sort of fits you!
I seriously wish that MOOchelle would go out and campaign for all Democrats! That way, most of them would have no chance of getting elected!
Crystal Wright - You should really do a little more research for your articles. There is NO Gun Sales in the D.C. Area. The one Man that does transfers, does not sell firearms. You must buy a firearm from outside of D.C. and have it shipped to this man to handle the transfer to you. Only after you have completed all of the steps required by the D.C. Laws, can your firearm be transferred to the owner. The facts about the Pepper Spray are correct, as I had an email exchange with Emily Miller over the issue.
Most of those have no clue as to the current Gun Laws. I would guess they were probably Liberals who want gun control, but do not know why. None of them ever mention the D.C. Crime Problem and all of the Criminals that are already running around with Firearms...ILLEGALLY! People really need to learn the current Gun Laws and fact the actual facts!!!
As it Should Be! Don't Like It...LEAVE!
Simple...next time...SHOOT IT DOWN!! Give our Agents the Firepower they need, and the next time a Chopper crosses the Border...bring it down! That will be the last one to claim they were lost!
This just shows the Stupidity of the "Dildos" that made this video! The Media never covers the fact the the NRA's Eddie Eagle Program has provided Gun Safety Training to over 27 Million kids over the years. This program is taught by Law Enforcement and uses no firearms or even images of firearms in the training. This video is just stupid!
You compare voting against gay marriage to the targeting done by the IRS??? WOW...you are about as Ignorant as they come! And the gays "give us everything" attitude is the problem! Regardless of being Demoncrats, Republicans, Tea Party or whatever...everyone should be upset that an organization like the IRS can just decide to target others that they do not agree with. Do you think it would be alright if the IRS decided to target all gay groups?!?! Bet you would see it different then!
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