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The BSA's capitulation to sexual perversion is a national disgrace.It is only going to get worse when adult homosexuals are admitted.Thank God for the Trail Life Organization.I pray that they will be successful!
Thank God for the decent citizens of Colorado for standing up for individual rights.What I really want to know is how did these panty-waist politicians and homosexuals get elected in the great American state of Colorado?
Almost all the stimulus money given to Detroit and other cities went to the municipal unions in payment for their political support at the taxpayers expense!
I understood that Mohamed was a vicious pedaphyle
The pastor is better off dead.He is being sexually abused daily by these animals because that is what the Koran tells them to do with infidels.I don't think he wants to live with this,especially when all the intelligence people question him about it when he gets home!
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Eric Holder vs. Toilet Paper Holder

anonymous968 Wrote: Jul 22, 2013 11:16 PM
The black leaders want decent people to be unable to defend themselves against savage hordes who are branching out from their inner city cesspools into decent neighborhoods to rob ,rape and cause mayhem.In the UK and Australia the men are just castrated wimps who turned in their guns and now they are at the mercy of the black savages that they let in their countries in the name of diversity.
This is the problem with electing democrat administrations.You get idiot judges like this woman!
Detroit is liberalism on steroids.years of democrat rule and give away programs to lazy blacks to buy votes.This is America in the future!
Get the limp-wristed homosexual politicians out of Colorado.Colorado is a great American state! They don't deserve to have Obamas sycophants in office in this great state!
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Detroit Files Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

anonymous968 Wrote: Jul 19, 2013 7:09 AM
Welcome to liberal Utopias!
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