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BHO's opinion on murdering a baby reminds me of the paper published in an ethics journal not too long ago and suggests a dangerous trend of a death cult currently taking hold among the Democratic party with its leader in WH today: One either supports life, liberty, love and success.... or death, slavery, envy and failure... killing fetuses/babies, not caring about debt now and for future, insisting that those who have more than you get punished, and refusing to work for what you want (earning, instead of asking) is what the Democrats are today.
Their greatest anti-Motherhood policy is their favoring of abortion even with tax-payer dollars and their favoring of Planned Parenthood's tax-payer-funded abortions. Obamacare, which forces tax payers and employers (even those with religious objections) to pay for abortions, is itself anti-Motherhood. I say, if you are a liberal and support abortion, go kill your own babies, but keep your murderous hands out of my pockets please.
I doubt you have read anything in the Bible. Jesus never once advocated any profession over another or any means of making money as superior to another. That was not the crux of His message. It was about faith, inner peace and VOLUNTARY charity which is the natural result of the first two. Furthermore, the more you have, the more you earn, then the more you have to give. In America, the wealthy give more than in any country in the world. We are the most charitable nation.
Romney's tax on investments, which means money he risked AFTER paying usual tax rates and then because he invested intelligently he profited and paid AGAIN on the investment profit which is lower than the usual tax rate (as is the law so as to not discourage investing and keep economy in good standing). Furthermore, any losses do NOT get reimbursed nor result in tax breaks. So if you recommend increasing tax on investments, you will guarantee economic collapse because smart people will not risk money for less return if does well (due to higher tax rate) and no protection from losses. Was this simple enough for you?
Jesus never once said anything in support of big government, nor for charity to come from government, and much less to have any dependency whatsoever on gov... Liberal stupids lies. They are as illiterate with the Bible as they are with the Constitution.
I went for breakfast and for supper. Both times super jam-packed, much more so in the evening with the car lanes on the street and around the corner backing up traffic beyond the light. In the near-by town, police were called to help direct traffic because it was backed-up beyond the distance where the Chick-Fil-A sign was visible, making some think that there was an accident. So police had to hold up signs stating: "Chick-Fil-A line here". Despite the extreme reaction this has caused EVERYONE has been super nice here. Customers polite, quite and patient. Servers happy, quick and efficient. Amazing!
The best way of "solving human needs" is to leave the humans alone and let them solve it themselves and help each other out as they see fit. That's Capitalism, what we Conservatives and Libertarians also prefer.
Funny you mention that because if you go back to what slave owners wrote back then you'd notice that they became very excited in 1840s after Karl Marx published Communist Manifesto. They used those ideas to defend and justify slavery. Capitalism is FREE markets and people making FREE choices. Marxists do not like that. They like the State choosing for people and the State providing for people. Slave owners saw themselves as the "providers" for their slaves who were too incompetent to provide for themselves (in the view of the owners).
Van Jones (Obama's ex-Green Jobs czar admitted that he is a Communist), Anita Dunn (was part of administration, expressed admiration of Mao Tse Tung who murdered 40 million during Chinese Cultural revolution), Congressional Black Caucus (visited Cuba and sang praises of Castro brothers).... Progressives in Congress --Soledad read out some names-- are about 80... Yes, they all love Communist principles more than they love this country. They should move to Cuba. Oh, by the way, McCarthy was RIGHT.... Read "Blacklisted by History." Those that McCarthy sought turned out to have been serious Soviet spies.
Many members of the Congressional Black Caucus went to Cuba and sang the praises of the Castro brothers and their "progressivism." They defiled G.W. Bush with exaggerated claims and insults. They are Communists by their own actions. They support wealth redistribution and support socialist dictators.
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