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And it was. This is literally the stated and recorded reason given from Osama Bin Laden. So this is not conspiracy talk, this is not nonsense from an out of touch old man. That is literally what happened. He was simply calling attention to what Bin Laden actually said.
Our lack of a good strategy has resulted in our enemy getting bigger, despite this being the most lengthy and costly of all American Wars. You are calling for more of the same and expecting different result.
My point is he was the most military supported candidate of the 2008 elections. You can go on believing nonsense about Ron Paul not liking the military, but that very same military voted most favorably for Ron Paul. They must have known something you didn't.
Barack Obama has much more in common with Bush and Romney than he does Ron Paul. Its pretty clear you are not here to discuss, however. You are here to hurl insults at Ron Paul. Have fun with hope it makes your day complete.
Ron Paul served in the military and was the most military-supported candidate during the 2008 elections.
His "head in the sand" foreign policy happened to be the most supported by our soldiers in uniform during the 2008 election. How do you explain that?
No, it is that Ron Paul people the emphasize the difference between the two terms. this might help...
You speak against and in support of our foreign policy at the same time.
Good job at avoiding my question. I answered your question for you days ago when you asked the very same thing. Just define the difference, please. Then we can talk.
I find it very frustrating that neocons on TownHall never grasp the ability to discern the difference between non-interventionism and isolationism. Ron Paul is a non-interventionist, NOT an isolationist. They routinely misunderstand these definitions in their rants. Even if you still disagree with Ron Paul on this issue, that is okay. But I would sure like to see a single neocon on this website come out of the woodwork to accurately describe the difference between Isolationism and Non-interventionism. Calling all TownHall Neoconservatives! Please define these terms so productive discussions/debates can ensue.
"Seeking to understand the motivation of a criminal does not mean that the crime is justified, however. We can still condemn and be appalled by the attacks while realizing that we need to understand the causation and motivation." Pay attention Neocons on Town Hall. This is what you fail to understand. Ron Paul is so quickly blamed for 'blaming America' by those who fail to understand basic cause and effect. Ron Paul has never condoned 9/11 or any terrorist attack. Here he explains that we should both condemn these attacks and work to understand why they happened. If you fail to understand why they happened (which is connected to the way we conduct our foreign policy) then you will not put a dent in terrorism, and further, radical Islam will likely continue to grow.
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