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Yemenis have been protesting at their capitol for years for ignoring the alleged killing of normal citizens including women and children by US drones. Right or wrong, our drone program has been causing blowback in that country. We should have seen this coming. The signs were there.
We go to war in Libya to topple their government and then our embassy was taken over. We use drones heavily in Yemen to take out suspected terrorists (and anybody standing around them) and then our embassy was taken over. Could it be these things would have never happened if we hadn't started bombing their countries first? Or would that make too much sense to be the reason? Our foreign policy has real consequences and the right remedy is not always more military involvement overseas.
thank you for the link. I will read up on this.
I am not ignorant to that. I know that Iran provides clandestine or covert funding and aid to forces against Israel. It is also true that the United States and Israel do the same thing to Iran. We have carried out assassinations within their borders. We have been heavily involved in that region training, funding, and arming anti Iran/Syria forces for some time. Our own CIA was behind the coup that toppled Iran’s leader and replaced him with a pro-western Shah. Has Iran successfully overthrown Israel’s or United States democratically elected representatives? No they haven’t. Of course they would love to but they aren’t that powerful.
The burden of proof is on you. If Iran has stated "clearly" that they aim to annihilate Israel then please tell us who said it, when they said it, provide a quote. SOMETHING. truth is you won't because it was never said.
Wow. Way to prove your point. How about you actually address my points with a real response and we can talk. Netanyahu did indeed say Iran was a couple years from develop a nuke more than 20 years ago. I can quote him if you like. But just saying I am wrong does not mean you are right.
Nothing I said was anti-semetic. I have never supported Obama. I’ve voted in 3 elections – never voted for a democrat. You are just name calling and neglecting to use facts to debate me.
Like the Constitution says? That would make too much sense.
We can be supportive, friends, and allies with Israel without fighting their wars for them. Even if the United States didn't exist, Israel would do just fine protecting themselves from Iran. They are vastly more powerful than all their neighbors. Netamyahu's warnings have not changed for more than 20 years. He has been wrong, wrong, and wrong again that Iran is within a couple years of developing a nuclear bomb. Iran has not sworn to wipe Israel or United States off the map (this is perhaps the most commonly repeated false piece of propaganda on the matter). If anybody wants to challenge this assertion I encourage you to go ahead a read the actual transcript from which this idea was taken. You can find it on google and see for yourself this was never said. Nonetheless, "a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth". Many Americans now falsely believe than Iran is soon to finish with a nuclear bomb and plans to attack Israel. Conversely, Israel's frequent threats to bomb Iran just might be giving them more reason to want to develop a nuclear weapon. Sanctions and threats are a precursor to war.
1- Our government doesn't like to stay out of anything. 2- any authorization for war SHOULD include specific goals and a plan for withdraw. Without it, we see the mess that can happen. In Iraq we go in and smash Saddam's forces quickly. Then proceed to occupy the country for more than a decade with little to no results to speak of. I hear people complaining that we should not put limits on how we use our military there. I understand the concern, but there is greater danger in run-on wars with no clear objective. ISIS does not pose an existential threat to us. We are not fighting Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan here. We are fighting a relatively weak, poor, and unorganized force. There is greater danger in our mismanaged response to their threat than the actual threat itself.
You also make a few erroneous assumptions here. You assume those who are not vaccinated WILL spread the disease. Obviously most unvaccinated people will never get the disease. You assume that vaccinated people cannot spread the disease. This is also false. Some of the measles victims were indeed vaccinated against it.
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