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It is so stupid the way some war hawks drool over this idea of a weakened military abroad because of Obama. I am not here to support Obama, never voted for him, will never vote for somebody like him. But I can point out that our military strength and presence around the world has continued to expand since 9/11, whether under Bush or Obama. We still have the biggest, most funded, and best trained military in the world, BY FAR. The US government, which fancies itself the world's government abuses our military by sending them to places far away to defend borders of other nations, to enforce UN resolutions, to nation build, and to take sides in civil wars. The inevitable outcome is that we make more enemies for ourselves. Terrorism will never end so long as our foreign policy promotes it.
Except for the fact that Osama Bin Laden was our friend and ally just two short decades ago. He worked along side our CIA. Why didn't Bin Laden attack us then? Why was he allied with us then? Oh, could it be because we have terrible habit of getting heavily involved with the internal affairs of other countries while picking winners and losers in conflicts far away. If we side with one group or country in conflicts on the other side of the globe then the opposing side will understandably consider us their enemy just the same. It wasn't Bin Laden's religion that motivated him to attack us, if this was the case he would have done it years earlier. It was the geopolitical and military developments in those countries that motivated him. Why do I believe this? Because that's what he said in the video he released after 9/11 that this is 'revenge' for the US's treatment of Iraq during and after the first Gulf War.
I believe a majority of republicans have become disillusioned with the "war on terror" at least in the way that it is being waged. I believe a more humble foreign policy (a long with a strong national defense along our entire border) is just what our country needs. It makes sense tactically, fiscally, and Constitutionally to reduce our military presence over seas and relocate them to defending our own borders.
I hear your point but I believe Abortion is not something conservatives or I will conceded on. Gay marriage, on the other hand, is an issues many conservatives are okay with. The protest is about redefining marriage (which is only a problem because the government has its nose in the marriage certificate business). Getting government out of marriage all together I something most can agree on. Conservatives care not if two gay people want to spend their lives together, they just don't wan their definition of marriage to be re-written. Conservatives, I believe will come around to being okay with gay marriage. They will not come around to being okay with Abortion. It still entails the ending of a very real life. They (we) will continue to oppose abortion.
It doesn't help that a large portion of the American public is unaware, uninteresting, and uninvolved in the direction of politics in our nation. More people can probably tell you who Kim Kardashian is than name the vice president.
Two major expenditures, run-away spending on foreign policy and run-away spending on domestic programs. One is the golden egg of the democrats and one is the golden egg of the republicans. If we continue the status quo then the two groups will take turns being in leadership while being unwilling to cut spending on either. The result will be increased debt, increased poverty, increased wars in the middle east. Just more of the same. Libertarians represent a much needed to change to this equation by protesting both. I wager it is possible to make significant yet sensible cuts to both welfare programs and military spending (not to be confused with actual defense spending) without jeopardizing our safety or the wellbeing of our poor.
Are libertarians strong enough and do they have the numbers to take over the GOP? I am not sure. But this I know for sure. Without libertarians on their side, traditional republicans are NOT strong enough or plenty enough to win the presidency. The GOP MUST welcome and make room for libertarians if we want to stand against the incredible growth of government. Traditional GOP'ers are not expanding the party at all. Libertarian arguments are the only thing attracting independents and even liberals to conservative points of view. Stick with what is working. Evolve the GOP to embrace some libertarian ideas, this is the future of this country. The traditional GOP platform alone is supported by a shrinking minority of people in this country.
We hear this now. But when election time comes, the propaganda is laid on thick - 'If you vote for anybody other than the GOP nominee than you might as well be supporting Obama'. We can't fall for that $hit anymore. Our country is falling apart, its time we stop settling for the lesser of the two big government politicians.
I did the same in my state's last primary. I would not support Santorum, Romney, Gingrich. I supported Ron Paul as the only true conservative in the race. The liberty wing and libertarian ideas are the only thing that grows the republican base. A traditional republican platform is a losing platform. All the respect to anybody that considers themselves a traditional republican, it is just that this kind of platform is not attractive to anybody other than people that have been a republican all their life. Libertariansim is the future of the resistance against big government.
Iran has not attacked us. Iran has not threatened us. Iran is a sovereign nation. Why should a free people not be allowed to enrich Uranium for peaceful purposes on their own soil with their own money?
The GOP must be welcoming towards the liberty wing. If the GOP fails to make room for libertarians in the party then it will fade into insignificance. Even though I side with the right much more than the left I still have the sense to recognize that the traditional GOP platform isn't attracting ANYBODY to the party. It is not growing except for the libertarian minded folks who are opposed to the massive growth of government. Libertarian ideas attract independents, young people, and even liberals to the conservative side of the political isle. This is the GOP's ticket back to a presidential win and back to being widely supported. I hope the GOP establishment is not contemptuous towards libertarians like it was in the 2008 election.
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