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I defend his right to have an opinion and a voice. But I do not respect his opinion. There is nothing conservative about suddenly bombing all muslim countries, absolutely nothing.
Again, he posted an identical post yesterday, again calling for the United States to begin bombing all Muslim countries. I'm sorry if that fact makes you upset, its the truth.
War in Iraq. . . Take 3! Here we go for the third time. If at first you fail, try, and try again.
You must save these and post them repeatedly everyday. I'm guessing you are a paid schill. I saw you post an identical post yesterday on a different article. Go spread your war propaganda somewhere else, or sign up to fight.
I think ripples have already been made that have consequences that will last years. However, we can't expect that more of the same will reduce the problems there. We must re-evaluate, bring troops home, and focus on staunch defense of our own country. There is a linear relationship between our involvement in the middle east and that region becoming more chaotic and more at war. Neocons incorrectly believe that if we just flex more muscle, or come down on ISIS in an epic smack down war that we will solve this problem. What they fail to understand is that the whole reason anti-American sentiment has grown in the first place is because we are in an almost constant state of war with groups throughout the middle east. Further, we have a frequent habit of arming and supporting one side of a domestic conflict or civil war. Inevitably the other side will want us dead for supplying their opponents with weapons and the means to kill them. It is our meddling and intervention in these countries that has caused the rise of ISIS. They are using American weapons to do their killing for pete's sake. If that is not a policy gone awry, I don't know what is.
Pulling the Race card is also for leftists. Ted Cruz used this opportunity to cry "anti-Semitism, racism, and bigotry" instead of listening to what the heckling was about. Jesse Jackson would be proud.
It should be noted that Christians in Syria and Iraq had a greater level of peace and cooperation with their Muslim neighbors before our wars and our arming of rebels in those countries. My point is less about Ted Cruz and more about the idea that our actions in the middle east are making it a more dangerous place to live for Christians.
The same day that one of our journalists were beheaded, the Saudi government beheaded at least 5 people (some for religious crimes). Why no outcry? Because it does not mesh with the narrative. ISIS is not being blasted in the media because of how brutal they are. Plenty of groups do this, have done it, or continue to do it and our government doesn't care. We are making a big deal of it so our government will have the people's "blessing" to start another war.
Was our first 13 years there not enough? What are we going to accomplish with air strikes that we could not accomplish with 13 years of boots and bases on the ground. How about we accept the fact that continued involvement will only make things worse. Besides, why are we even discussing this? This is a group that does not have the capability of attacking us, do not have the capability to even hold the ground they have won.
Our foreign policy has the same pitfalls as domestic government programs. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. And in fact, the right hand often works against the left hand. Our government taxes those of us who work, to pay for arms and aid to send to Syrian rebels to fight against Assad so we can bring about regime change to a democratically elected government in Syria. Then, our government uses more money that has been taxed from us, printed, or borrowed to fund military operations to kill the rebels and destroy the equipment we supplied to them. Work hard and keep paying taxes, people. We are going to need more money as this will likely be a long fight.
So essentially, your way of handling this civil war in a country far away is to issue threats to ALL Muslim countries and begin bombing all of them. You're smart.
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