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Dave Says Charity Needs Clarity

Anonymous8713 Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 9:58 AM
Dr_Zinj, "Never, ever, ever give away anything without expecting a return". A warm heart can be a expected return. That does not mean that once you have offered assistance you have to continue ad infinitum. On a side note ... I never expect anything in return when i help someone out. I go in expecting nothing in return so I will never be disappointed. It is up to the other person to make the most of the charity. I also know going in where my limits are and make them known and understood by all parties involved.

Dear Dave,

My old car has been having lots of problems lately. Do you have any advice on how to decide when it’s best to just fix an old car or get a newer one instead?


Dear Kristin,

This is a good question! Mathematically, the first thing to look at is the car’s worth if you don’t make repairs. Should you spend $1,000 to increase the value of the vehicle $500? Dumb question, right? At that point, you sell the car as-is and put the $1,000 it would take to fix it toward something newer.

On the other hand,...

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