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Julia: The Most Disappointing Daughter in the World

Anonymous823 Wrote: May 19, 2012 1:32 PM
Art, This 'Guvmt. Maneuvered The Economy to this Disasterous Point, Purposely. True That Partial Blame Has to be Shared by the Weak Sisters Of the Male gender as well as the Julias of this Fiasco. BUT. Without A job That Does engender a decent Living for the Efforts Duly expended..does produce what we are Coping with . This Guvmt. Snatched our Manufacturing Companies Right out from under us...And Left Nothing but Mediocre and Menial-paying work to Subsist on. No wonder This Empasse. Bring back our Manufacturing Plants..Put us Back to work With A livable Wage..And This Julia Situation will Go away. Most People Long for Independence And a sense of Accomplishment In their Lives. So..Stop Blame. And Act with Some compassion.