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Julia: The Most Disappointing Daughter in the World

Anonymous823 Wrote: May 19, 2012 10:24 AM
Just When will people ever Wise Up and realize that this guvmt? has devised the Biggest scam Ever in the history of this 'republic ' and Stop feeding off it ? The fact is..that the more dependent this Guvmt. can make the ""Peons-Masses' the easier they become to Control . So ..people , Enjoy your Freebies, your Toys, Your DWStar fiasco, etc. while ""they ' will Let you...before They are ready to herd you away to Their Prepared 'internment camps that are SO Ready to Invite you IN ( No back door Folks..No freebies There ! Is the tradeoff of their 'Stifles' worth what you are being robbed of ? Time is of the Essence .. Get that bunch of Zionist who are controlling our strings..OUT of OUR ? white-house- turned-against -US ....