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Obama Overrides Congress in Order to Send $192 Million to Palestinian Authority

Anonymous6964 Wrote: Jun 19, 2012 7:47 PM
How is it we have ANY money to give anyone???? Why are we being told we are SOL for Social Security yet we have money for foreign countries? This is embezzlement, the government has money because "we the people" have it extracted from our paychecks, then they don't use it as intended (SS, Medicare, US debt). They want ot raise our taxes to pay down the debt, but they mis appropriate the money we already provide them and still they EXPECT more.

I suspect President Obama and his underlings are really hoping this late night maneuver goes unnoticed.

US President Barack Obama has lifted a ban on financial aid to the Palestinian Authority. Obama stated that the aid was “important to the security interests of the United States.”

The US Congress froze a $192 million aid package to the Palestinian Authority after its president, Mahmoud Abbas, defied US pressure and sought to attain UN endorsement of Palestinian statehood last September. The presidential waiver means that aid can now be delivered.

Ed Morrissey over at HotAir gives a...