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Arizona, the Racist State?

Anonymous6964 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 6:51 PM
I like how the liberals portray the illegals in this country as some down-troddened masses, well they came here, they don't HAVE to stay. WHY do we make concessions for them, it's insane. We have to follow this countries laws, but they don't!

Though the Supreme Court overturned much of the Arizona law, just not the part the liberals and their media friends loathed the most, it wasn't hard to predict the networks would once again line up with the amnesty lobby. ABC's Diane Sawyer mourned "the most inflammatory part of the law" was upheld.

Once again, those impartial network producers are making themselves the sob sisters of illegal aliens. ABC found a man who carries a document in his glove compartment insisting that if he's deported, his children shouldn't go into foster care. NBC put on a woman watching cartoons with her cute little...