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Loney, Eric is doing the liberal slide, deceptively shifting the focus to something else. In this case, he's in high dudgeon over the ACTIVIST additive. I'd let him bray at the moon.
I realize - as many do not - that minorities, radicals, etc, are in on it, and know he's lying, and squirm in their efforts to not appear so, and hope he gets away with it. All anti-white, anti-American and anti-free enterprise will not be enlightened. But union thu--, er, excuse me, leaders ought to be more rational. Hey! It's the PIED PIPER PRESIDENT!
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Progressives and Blacks

Anonymous6925 Wrote: Aug 22, 2013 10:58 PM
In high dudgeon the liberals reject Kipling's 'white man's burden'...then they pat blacks on their heads, tell them they're right and slip them a few bucks, then scare the bujeesus out of them with absurd lies only the mentally defective could believe. How about what the democrats did to the black family? And they call US racist!
I counted 72 sections of dumb-dumb English (094, 095...) at Cal Poly Pomona about 10 years ago, as I attended classes learning a Marxist view which insisted our culture was racist! While teaching English I was dismayed that the prevailing ethos insisted ALL of our students were college-bound, and all the bobble-head teachers bobbled. Such is the fraudulent, magical thinking infesting PS.
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R.I.P, Boy Scouts of America

Anonymous6925 Wrote: May 28, 2013 5:05 PM
Going, going...is the last civilizing institution not ruined by liberals about to go?
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Immigration Gambles: Part II

Anonymous6925 Wrote: Apr 29, 2013 2:31 PM
"...AND UNDER THE JURISDICTION THEREOF..." is the ignored phrase of the Amendment. Pregnant trespassers cannot be said to be under the jurisdiction of the USA, quite the opposite: they live underground lives. The phrase was added to address Indians out west, who still regarded themselves as tribal members, and who weren't offered citizenship until the 1930s. Nothing impregnated in Mexico is permitted to degrade our civilization by the Constitution.
'like a starving goat'...eh, it ain't Raymond Chandler, but good. I've just returned Caro's 4th LBJ volume (thought it was 2 when I started) to the library, and now begin the long march to see if I live long enough to read the last one (I'm 60). Masses of little silent reading assignments were my pedagogy and my scores were high with my flatlander hispanic secondary stoonts. I took my cue from Stalin. When asked how he thought he could beat the Germans' high quality tanks with thousands of crude cheapies, he said, "Quantity has a quality all its own." If you teach English, think on that. Winds of War! Shelby Foote's Civil War! Master and Commander series!
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Education Spending That Isn't Smart

Anonymous6925 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 4:00 PM
The problem really is: where can you get real education? Liberal-run public schools experimenting yet again (project-based discovery learning in groups 24/7) are pure fraud. I'm a retired English teacher who's bitter as hell about the lost lives. Liberals: for what you've done to humanity in your grasping for power, you are evil.
I actually was a poll watcher out here in so cal. I'm finishing Caro's 3rd volume on LBJ: cheated on every election so far... no doubt the democrat machines in the urban centers are capable, willing and...whatever to cheat. As each democrat takes the oath of office swearing to uphold and defend, that democrat commits treason. But their push to buy the minority vote has paid off, along with dimwit products of the public schools. I say, let it go over. Either that, or we need a victorious general of color in a major theatre engagement in 3 years to return the White House to the Republicans.
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Parting Company

Anonymous6925 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 5:25 PM
I've read the argument that couching the war as a test of whether government by the people could long endure is nonsense. There were, and would be, others. The same author (Adams) says Lincoln asked 'What about my tariffs?" - that the north had enjoyed most of the tariffs since the 1820 compromise, including those collected at southern ports, so the south was going to be a 'free port' nation, to the destruction of the northern economy. Wow, huh?
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