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Oh, BTW. THERE IS a limit to growth. Our resources prove that. We have water shortages here in Texas. We live on a finite ROUND PLANET.
Also, hispanic's are rather naive when it comes to politics. They vote democratic because they like the idea of "democracy". The illegals don't speak or understand English as a rule, so they listen to the propaganda on Hispanic/Latino TV and radio. These people are like the LULAC organization, they suck everything they can off our system and our government supports this. I think that the majority of hispanic's who come here illegally DO WORK hard for their wages. But if we turn into a dictatorship (which is the direction that Obama is taking us.. (because he knows better)) then we will end up just like Mexico and the poor will be dirt poor again.
"Immigration Reform" This can mean so many things. We don't need more voters who want to be on the receiving end of this society. When generations of immigrants (legal) came to this county from Europe, to work for paltry wages, there were no "food stamps", the was not "free healthcare". There weren't ANY programs to help. If you were hungry, you went and stood at church food lines. These "White" men struggled to make a living. People who come to this country now get assistance so it's not so hard for them. But it is on the backs of the generations that DID work hard. You know, the ones they call "white privilege" now?
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The Misinformed Case for Voter ID

Anonymous6826 Wrote: May 15, 2014 8:21 AM
Wrong. There are 30,000,000 ILLEGAL people in this country. and untold millions of green carders who could affect the outcome of an election with fraud. The problem is, the "left" think so little of this country and they want to control it's future.
People who came here illegally should NEVER be able to become citizens so they can vote. NO LEGAL PATH TO VOTING RIGHTS. They just don't get it.
If it gets that warm, we will just have to neuter all the men. At least the ones that think with their little head.
Perhaps we will have to convert the corn fields that are used for gasoline (ethanol), back to FOOD!
And the people that vote for her? OMG. This is why we cannot go to a majority vote, because the ignorance in the poor part of town ( Sheila Jackson represents a poor section). They think she is doing "right" by them. All they are getting is a slippery slope into dictatorship.
I was thinking the exact same thing. Her "free" lawyers, provided by us made all these arguments. I doubt a crackhead could make any arguments. In fact, if you are a crackhead, you ought to be sterilized (both sexes). Because you don't know what you are doing when you are on crack and certainly could not care for a child.
If CONGRESS and the POTUS give amnesty to the millions of ILLEGALS, there should NEVER BE A PATH TO CITIZENSHIP. Those that come here or stay here illegally, should never be allowed to vote. Coming or staying here illegally was their choice.
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Believers in Obama

Anonymous6826 Wrote: Apr 23, 2014 9:35 AM
Because the liberal media is owned by uh... liberals, who are now progressives. They know better than you and me. They are the enlightened elite. You should only hear their side, because you are too stupid to choose for yourself. It is a dictatorship.
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