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There are other things that need to be considered when allowing more and more immigrants to come here legally or illegally. The huge influx of people into Texas has strained our resources to support such numbers. Water is a big one. There has been a considerable amount of rationing. Electricity supplies are strained during peak hot and cold times. Highways are expanded to only find out that as soon as complete are not big enough. The other big issue is language. There are so many illegal Spanish speaking people here that a large majority of small companies have to hire Spanish speaking people to communicate with those people. IN THE UNITED STATES, Spanish is not a REQUIREMENT to work in the U.S. So now, regular Americans are being CHEATED out of jobs because they don't speak Spanish. The onus of the language SHOULD be on those COMING to this country, not the burden of our citizens to learn a new language. Our citizens should NEVER be declined a job in a REGULAR because of NOT knowing a foreign language.
One comment on apologizing for being white male. When the flood of WHITE families came here from Western Europe and Scandinavian countries, way back when,.... They were DIRT poor and took whatever job they could get. There WAS NO WELFARE, there were no food stamps, there were NO free phones, no free anything. Just dirty, hard labor jobs that pay a pittance of wages and the OPPORTUNITY to WORK. And that's what they did.When there wasn't enough money for food, they stood in lines at Churches for soup. MOST worked really, really hard and pulled themselves out of poverty, some really smart ones started businesses and became millionaires. On the whole, most worked their way up to the middle class we have today, without the benefit of government. It is government that keeps our poor POOR. They treat them like idiots and make them believe they haven't got the smarts to make it on their own. I hope the poor minorities are waking up to this fact. Those elites (the really, really smart democrats) want to keep you poor,...promising you a better life that never happens, so that they can get re-elected, make their under-the-table deals and become rich doing so. LET THE PEOPLE RUN this country. Join the "People for Self Governess". Yes we can!
marg24, what is "affordable"? Affordable to you may mean paying our doctors and hospitals $10/hr? We would have no doctors from the U.S., and our hospitals would be pitiful. So, start coming up with your solution... do some research. Figure it out. There are countries who have government run healthcare but it is not necessarily cheap to those that don't use it, since everyone pays for it. England healthcare workers are the largest employed entity in the world. It may work in England, but I have heard stories.... But England's population is less than 60,000,000, the U.S. population is 300,000,000+. Our government run programs are FAILING and corrupt... the VA, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Disability. We are TOO BIG for centrally controlled programs. Too much fraud and corruption. You need to read about all the "stuff" that goes on in our government. Salaries over the top for no work, days off with pay, people put on paid leave for doing a bad job (you can't hardly fire them). It is so bad. What is need is competition for good insurance.
FIRST, we are all created EQUAL. SECOND we have FREEDOM OF and FREEDOM FROM Religion. You believe and follow a religion, bless your heart, but MARRIAGE defined by YOU (only a man and woman) is a religious belief and therefore should NOT forced upon me. So, since our laws are fair and force us to get "married" to benefit from some things, then gay's should be able to marry (equal rights). Your Church should NOT, however be FORCED to perform a ceremony. We need to keep the two separate. BTW, I am a woman, married to a man for 40+ years (2nd marriage).
"most do not get married...".
First thing: Under our constitution, we are all created EQUAL. So if gay people want to get married, they have equal rights, most do not. Perhaps we should change our tax laws so that if you want a survivor benefit, you have to pay a greater amount into SS. We should also change our laws so that the MORE children you have the LESS benefits there are. For me, I get a SS benefit myself, my husband gets one. If he dies before me I only get ONE benefit, the one that is greater. I don't get both.
I was raised by my mom, my dad left when I was five. Although a good mother and good father is the ideal situation, it just doesn't happen in all cases. I turned out just fine. I have a wonderful lesbian friend who is married to her partner. They adopted two kids from Brazil. Those kids are extremely happy kids. Both parents are well educated. They are wonderful parents.
You are very lame.
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