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Embellishment is NOT acceptable for a News Reporter. And the Mainstream Media is excellent at it.
I guess through the ages, people will always look for someone to persecute, even though they have done no harm to you. I am a conservative, but the comments below do NOT reflect my views. You are all beady eyed little rats.
You are disgusting.
This president is an embarrassment to our country.
This is NOT a issue for our government. It is a private, personal issue, even though I do not approve of late term abortions, early abortions are a far better solution than a child not wanted, abused, or neglected. All those in favor of no abortions should stand up and adopt every single child born that is not wanted.
You are just now thinking about that. "What goes around, comes around."
Love BEN CARSON! Loves this country! Pulled himself up by his bootstraps! Believes in SMALLER government. UNDERSTANDS that we are REPUBLIC, not a democracy. Understands the immediate need for smaller federal government. Move him forward in the ranks of candidates. Tell the RNC. We do NOT need another republican president in the back pocket of politics.
These particular Blacks are undereducated, immature and are incited by our political leaders who profit from this kind of violence. The Jesse Jackson's, Al Sharpton's of this country ought to be ashamed of themselves, but alas, they are the scum of this country. If the Blacks (like this) (I know a lot of GREAT black people), think it is so bad here with whites as the majority, then PLEASE, PLEASE, move to Haiti or Liberia, where a lot of slaves went when they were set free. Think those countries are a great place to live? Ask people who came back here.
BTW. Looking at statistics about our high school graduates and college graduates, it is no wonder that we need more "skilled" workers imported into our country. We have high school graduates who have terrible skills in math, science and English. Our liberal "Federal" government guided schools have dumbed down American children in an astonishing way. I have many examples. When I read editorials or blogs from young people, their command of the English language is terrible. It seems that so many of our young people are getting a "Psychology" or liberal Arts major because they cannot handle the Math or Sciences. My own granddaughter got a Masters in Psychology and cannot get a job. About 2% of companies hire these types of majors. But this is the direction they are pushed or are qualified for. I don't know how many college degrees are aimed at this major, but it seems to me, way... too,... many.
There are other things that need to be considered when allowing more and more immigrants to come here legally or illegally. The huge influx of people into Texas has strained our resources to support such numbers. Water is a big one. There has been a considerable amount of rationing. Electricity supplies are strained during peak hot and cold times. Highways are expanded to only find out that as soon as complete are not big enough. The other big issue is language. There are so many illegal Spanish speaking people here that a large majority of small companies have to hire Spanish speaking people to communicate with those people. IN THE UNITED STATES, Spanish is not a REQUIREMENT to work in the U.S. So now, regular Americans are being CHEATED out of jobs because they don't speak Spanish. The onus of the language SHOULD be on those COMING to this country, not the burden of our citizens to learn a new language. Our citizens should NEVER be declined a job in a REGULAR because of NOT knowing a foreign language.
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