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Obama Rakes in $15 Million From Hollywood One Percenters

Anonymous6683 Wrote: May 10, 2012 12:28 PM
i agree the best thing for us americans to do is boycott, let them feel how we do every day wandering if we will pay our bills or have food on the table,i ask god everyday to intercide and wash all the hollywood trash down the drain,

Tonight night, shortly after declaring his support for gay marriage, President Obama will attend a swanky fundraiser hosted by Hollywood mega-celebrity George Clooney. The amout team Obama will rake in the from the event? $15 million.

The campaign raffled two tickets to join Clooney and Obama at the movie star's Los Angeles home for a dinner on Thursday. The campaign said last week that it had raked in $6 million by selling tickets for 150 guests, suggesting the raffle earned the campaign $9 million.