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Most qualified liar ,, cheat, and fraud.. the clintons will do anything for power thats why tbey where i bed with obama.. they already sold there souls to the devil.. such a fraud
The republicans will never learn always vote for the rinos this party is finished... but we still time to wake up
We need to boycott them all entertainers who want to change. Our country. Please tell us what charities obama has sent money to.. sure not us little people.. there r so many of us that struggle and we see all these untaleented entertainers so rich.. easy solution boycott those movies.. concerts... ect... make them wonder how they will survive paycheck to paycheck
Getting to think mccaans true colors are showing . He is a joke now time to go to ur real base the democrats and u wonder why he lost to obama.. did everything he could to lose
I hope the title is " what difference does it make"
Mr. President not everything is about you...
Did anybody watch him last night before the homern derby.. major lipsinc . Another fraud making alot of money.. wake up people stop supporting these untalented artist all the y do laugh all the way to the bank
Hey herman munster step aside and let someone who cares about our country do the job.. do us all a favor and go on ur boat and take a long deserved vaca.. by the way bring eric holder and barry and joe with u
He doesnt need to fly around the country he can do it right there at the white house i am sure the lap dog media will give him time to speak... about time he realilze this country has money problem
The number should be zero.. 47% of this poll comes from the low informed voter anyway
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