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yah, what's wrong with these clowns? don't they realize women have the right to kill their (and the fathers) kids? wise up. new world order and all. this is a dead subject.....or something.
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NCAA Juicing Basketball

anonymous6475 Wrote: Feb 23, 2014 10:38 AM
getto game.
when 18 year old women have to sign up for selective service or lose their ability to get food stamps, pell grants, college student loans, d.l., rent subsidies, welfare, medicaid, w,i,c coupons and what ever else i missed (oh yah, voting rights)....then i will be ready to vote for a women as cc.
when i see this article given play on abcnbccbscnnhlnmsmbcpbs i will believe there may be some hope for the future. obama and his sycophant enabling "bundlers" remind me of 2 wives of 2 of my conservative friends. anti-american personal agenda driven, clueless, vapid airheads with zero understanding of what is going on right under their noses. disgusting leaches.
obama, and the dem party in general, panders to 2 specific demographics: minorities and women. the reason is because they are malleable...... you're welcome. next topic.
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5 Ways Liberals Make War on Women

anonymous6475 Wrote: Feb 15, 2014 2:38 PM
there is no sane justification for abortion other than incest or rape. that accounts for around 200k of the 56,000,000. the rest are simply for the convenience of women. my skin crawls. as soon as a women informs me that she supports abortion, i am off like a prom dress. these aren't good women and don't add much to the social construct. read their posts and decide for yourself. "hi dad, this is magan 2lastnames and we are in pretty much in love. of course, no kids but we will be buying a nice car and house in the burbs". yippie.
obama will continue to spin his evil deeds with or without congress. that much is clear, no matter where your politics lie. 2016 looms as the fork in the road for america. hillary and the continued march of the matriarchal nannystate or individual responsibility, accountability and self-actualization? i wouldn't put whats left of your 401 on the bobtail 'cause so many will be voting for the nag.
jeffar you could not be more wrong. half of conservative women are also feminist but don't really talk about it. women, in general, look for the easy way out and promote agendas that serve them specifically , not society as a construct. they want privileges ( military only if they choose but no selective service) and rights ( to kill the unborn but zero rights for that child or the father) but no responsibilities (equal pay for lower standards in the military, police forces and fire departments and this point really has no end). feminism is the biggest scam in modern history and it appears to me you have been had by what a friend of mine (all conservative women to the core) describes as "soft feminism". it's nowhere but everywhere. respectfully.
i actually have common ground with man hating women. i too feel marriage is useless, pointless and detrimental to a healthy and happy life. in addition, i also feel that men are stupid and think with our wrong head most (if not all) of the time. hows that for getting in touch with my feelings ladies? to add one point:... any man who would commingle his hard earned assets with a women is dumb as dirt and deserves the inevitable outcome of that endeavor. on any level. for any reason. ever.
for me, i have to respect a women. it's in my dna. women who support the killing of their unborn children don't get my respect. that sort of narrows down the field.
only a weak minded man would have anything to do with american women. they're not worth the gamble, the prize or the price.
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