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There are risks with any form of medication, even something as simple as aspirin. But the risks listed in this article pale in comparison to the risks of pregnancy. Birth control is the mail reason that the U.S. has a relatively low maternal mortality rate.
How ironic that men still expect Hobby Lobby to pay for their Viagra. It seems that men are the weak, stupid victims who need big daddy government.
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Free to Choose vs. Cost-Free Access

anonymous5936 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 11:56 PM
I really don't care about the Hobby Lobby decision. If you don't agree with their religion don't work for them. However, they are nothing but Cinos. ( Christian in name only) because they still provide Viagra for dirty old perverts.
If men want to drop out of society and be deadbeats they certainly have the right to make that choice. Nobody is forcing them to do it. There are no laws excluding them from participation. It is simply a matter of choice.
When pedophiles are caught they often are found to have a huge stash of child porn in their possession. That fact seems to negate this article.
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