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Krauthammer is the archetypal elitist of the Washington ruling class. He is an ardent supporter of oligarchy as the form our government should follow, with him and his 'enlightened' cohorts on the top directing us morons with their benevolent tyranny. Investigate his actual political views and you'll find he's another Progressive masquerading as a Conservative. Scr3w him.
And they have damned America to a 3rd world status unless a miracle of voting comes forward to drive the barbarian leftist Dems from the public political foundation. Most people don't accept it yet but the truth is we're not going to be able to vote our way out of this. If the tide is going to be turned it's going to take stronger action.
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I Got 30 Million Reasons

Anonymous5895 Wrote: Jul 04, 2013 12:24 AM
Jerry2 wrote: "I find it hard to understand why even the Democrats want amnesty. 30 million immigrants granted amnesty followed by their families plus continued illegal immigration means loss of American identity within a few years. Why does anyone want to destroy the country? I certainly fail to see why the Republicans want this. They don't even get the votes." Ann actually answered this last week: The U.S Chamber of Commerce - including most of your business-owning friends - are the most powerful lobby controlling Congress. They insist on amnesty so they can have continued dirt-cheap labor, never mind the long-term destruction of the Nation. Follow the money and you'll find the reason every time.
Finally! She has Come To Jesus on the whole Chamber of Commerce-controlled Republican Party problem. They've always been this way but have fooled so many conservative-thinking Americans for so long into supporting them that they've at least been able to tread water in many states. Time to either excise the scummy heart of the GOP and make it a true party of conservative ideals or jettison the whole shebang and hijack the current Conservative Party to make it the go-to party for all non-business-owning Republicans!
Particles of California, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts in aqueous suspension due to immigration of undesirables into Arizona; causing the votes to swing left. That is also why the ugly fat man - Janet Napolitano - was twice elected governor. We Zonies apologize to the Nation for both McCain and Napolitano.
Not trying to spoil everyone's ranting but until folks realize that they're not going to be able to vote their way out of the corrupt, amoral, and selfish environment that our elected leaders (all stripes) have fostered - with full support of a large segment of our populace - we will continue to decay into a shameless and hopeless 3rd world nation. It's going to take a violent social revolution to change course on this ship of state.
+1. Precisely correct.
You're intimating heresy - that there could be Hate-Filled Left-Wing Wackos attacking the Right. This is not a narrative that the MSM will support, regardless of facts.
Not just Obama. The Saudis have pictures of the entire Bush clan having carnal knowledge of the entire barnyard. Why do you think they have been continually excused from every conceivable crime and evil?
Jeff Flake has always been an amnesty panderer. That's why I did not vote for him in his last three elections - I had to write myself in on one of them. He was right there with Juan McShi+stain & Teddy "Dunk 'em" Kennedy when they tried to pull off the Great Amnesty Scam of 2007. Contrary to the GOP commonly-dispersed rubbish, even Jon Kyl was a Big Corp/pro-amnesty/keep the w@tbacks coming proponent. Scr@w the average American worker. Arizona is no longer a Conservative state. Hasn't been for 20 years.
The only reason McCrudstain was re-elected was due to all the ratscab Libs from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and California moving to Scottsdale & Paradise Valley and voting like they did in the states they screwd to the bone. Many Zonies were shocked & dismayed that he won this last time. Of course, the big problem is that his opponent in the GOP primary was another Mormon. Many people will not vote for one of those...Hannibal Lecter would win 9 times out of 10 over a Mormon.
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