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Flagged. From an honorably discharged Navy vet. You classless and churlish parasite.
Yessir, when the Reps get the majority they really do the right thing. Look at the Bush years with a Republican House and Senate...really turned this country around, huh? Stuck up for conservative principles. Not. Sh*tcan both parties and elect Conservative Party representatives.
LOL! Very good one! And so true...
Great point. Especially about the only alternative. And it would be bloody beyond belief; far worse than the first Civil War. We may not survive as a Nation.
Wrong. It is perfectly legal for private citizens to own select-fire and fully automatic weapons. They just have to go through the hoopla of registration and background checks with BATFE per the National Firearms Act. The problem is that an M16 which costs law enforcement $1000.00 now costs private citizens over $22,000.00 because of the 1986 act that prohibits any new weapons from entering the public-owned NFA firearms registry. Clearly unconstitutional but public ignorance & fear aids the erosion of our rights.
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Crazier Than Liberals

Anonymous5895 Wrote: Sep 20, 2013 3:00 AM
Thanks for the sage advice, Bill904. Wilco!
Don't forget 8 years of Progressive Lite® Bush who could have reversed this dangerous precedent but didn't. He was too busy trying to get amnesty passed to bother with little things like base security.
He beat a syndicated radio blowhard, TV sportscaster, and former Republican Party toady Congressman JD Hayworth. As bad as Hayworth was I still voted for him over McShame. The guy is an embarrassment and living proof that aviators who blow up their own ships shouldn't be allowed in politics. Unfortunately, all the little old ladies in Sun City get to vote, too.
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