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The Race Card Cometh Yet Again

anonymous586 Wrote: Jul 29, 2012 10:51 AM
Mrs. Lucas was elected by a very predominately racist city Portsmouth, Va.. It is a fact and people can sugar coat and spin large black population centers any way they want trying to prove a negative. These Black Americans are going to vote with black candidates despite any proof of criminality, malfeasance in office or qualifications. Barack Obama has done more to hurt the Black Americans in this country with his policies than any President in History. The November election will bring the same percentage of blacks voting for any black candidate no matter what. That is just an irrefutable fact.
arvamus Wrote: Jul 29, 2012 11:34 AM
Remember to note that blacks refuse to vote for any black conservative candidate. They will vote for a white Democrat over a black conservative. Of course, if they have the choice of a proven corrupt black Democrat or squeaky clean white Democrat in the nomination process, they vote race and pick the black sleazebag. Race trumps all except when it's the white guy carrying the (Dem) bag of Welfare and Affirmative Action handouts. And when anyone points out this clear black voting pattern backed by evidence, blacks bellow "racist". Pretty nervy, since no other race votes 95% for a candidate of their race.

Political pundits often refer to the time we’re in now – a few weeks out from an election – as the “silly season.”

It’s a time for obsessing over gaffes real and perceived, faux outrage over harmless statements and a general sense of desperation on the part of one candidate or perhaps both. This cycle’s silly season started early, which is to be expected when the challenging party picks its nominee early and the incumbent party has no record of success to promote. But that early start means we sometimes run out of “silly” early and head straight to desperate –...