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Enthusiasm, Excitement, and Ron Paul: The Young GOP Delegates

Anonymous584 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 9:09 AM
We will all pay the price for their treachery during the primaries and convention, the party has lost credibility, and we have lost the best candidate for the country. the backlash may be devastating for the GOP and the country as well. We are here to stay, we will be engaged and will overwhelm the old guard. if the country can be saved from the police state, it will be the liberty movement that must prevail.
Kim D Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 10:59 AM
Ron Paul's libertarian political views are quite compelling and may ultimately be held by a majority of Republicans. I consider myself libertarian. Paul articulates the goals of the movement well but his plans to get there are unworkable and wrong headed. We are forced to work with the political and economic systems that are entrenched in our society. There is no possible scenario that allows the federal government to suddenly shed its unconstitutional powers without causing unrest and violence here and around the world. Short of revolution restoring our freedoms and shrinking the government is going to take time. First the political party that is most likely to work towards our goals must take and hold the reigns of power.

lamiablk Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 3:54 PM
Have to agree MisterD. The Democrats have spent decades moving our country to the left. They've been patient and willing to wait for the right moment to act; virtues that most conservatives seem to lack nowadays. We will need to take at least that long to move it back to the limited govt. of the Constitution. We must use patience and perseverance and be willing to take the inch when the mile is denied us.
Enthusiasm runs high amongst some of the younger official delegates to the GOP 2012 convention. They stand out in the crowd of predominantly older Republican activists by their brisk pace and infectious energy.

Another way they're easily distinguishable: they are on the Ron Paul team in far greater numbers than their older colleagues. They were also in a hurry - Wednesday night's activities kicked off with a Ron Paul tribute video, and Sen. Rand Paul spoke shortly afterwards.

Luis Larotta, a young Ron Paul-supporting delegate from Texas, said "we're the new face of the party. We're the new blood,...