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Romney lost because the liberals fixed the voting machines to vote Denocrat, even when we voted Republican and they also had a lot of dead peoples votes and also a lot of the blacks voted more than 1 time. Some of them were even bragging about it. But as for Romney, he is a very nice man and he didn't throw dirt or down talk Obma's religion like Ovomit did to him. Besides he is a honest man. Being a Mormon was against him because he is sooo nice as most of the Mormons are. I am not a Mormon but I am annoyed and affended that you called them morons. One question for you, AD15, what has Ovomit done for you?
Maher does not invite anyone that is smarter than him on his show ,,e.g.Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, etc.
What good does it do to respond to an liberal idiot. What she says is always garbage. As it stands, civilization as already in jeopardy since the liberal Demo-rats are in charge of the Senate. This country has never been in such a mess and destruction since Ovomit and all his muslim and retarded liberals took over. Howevever, I must say, the Republicans leave a lot to be desired too. So we must all vote for new blood comes time to vote. All these old money grabbers, both sides, need to be voted out so we can get our country back.
Evidently the poll was taken by Liberals only.....he could no way get "a rebound of more points" otherwise. Even some of the liberal Dem's and black poverty are getting wise to his lies and false promises.
No John they are very very true....in fact by now they are probably much lower, every time you demonstrate your RHINO side , you loose. If you want to save face, you will retire instead of trying to run for the Senate again.
This certainly falls into the liberal pile of stupidity. They will never find $1.1 Million worth of success stories about Ovomit. How does the finance dept ever approve this kind of wasteful spending of our tax dollars? The Administration never fails to amaze with their corruption.
Just think, just cancelling 4 trips could "fund" for the Vet's memorials and the US Parks to stay open the rest of the year. What a sacrifice he is making..don't anyone feel sorry for his family and friends that don't get to go on another vacation?
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