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Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the [Watergate] committee. Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”
Gallup poll? No thanks! I'll wait for something trustworthy.
Uncle Joe couldn't be worse, could he?
"Someday posterity will burn with shame recalling those peculiar times when" the liberal press avoided "honesty."
Military spending has been cut by the Administration not the GOP. If there are millions for Obummer to travel and vacation, there was money available to protect Americans.
You live by the sword, you die by the...
Excellent observation Trublu!
The state went to great lengths to allow this man to pursuit all legal avenues and recourse for 14 years. That 140 men were proven innocent shows that the system works. The state went to great lengths to provide a humane death. The death sentence is a deterrent because this repeat offender will never offend again. The death sentence is not a penalty, it is meant to administer justice. If the drugs administered did not put this man humanely to sleep (and nobody knows for sure that they did not) then divine providence truly intervened ( you may insert how the victim was heinously violated in here) and justice was served indeed.
Catholic university? What a sham!
If you are truly pro-choice you could "choose" to say no to unprotected sex. You could "choose" to use contraceptives, (condoms, birth control pills, foam, rhythm, ad infinitum). If you did get pregnant, you could "choose" to give your child up for adoption to loving and caring parents who cannot reproduce. The fact is this is a pro-ABORTION movement. And it is a clever manipulation of language because ABORTION sounds ugly like it truly is. (scraping out women's wombs for starters, Gosnell, etc.) Only a callous entity could call the wanton destruction of unborn children "healthcare."
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