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Defense Spending Cuts Threaten 10% of Pentagon Budget

anonymous466 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 9:29 AM
The problem with the defense cuts is that this is an across-the-board 10% reduction - REGARDLESS if the program is helpful or not. The military has zero say in what they can cut. EVERYTHING gets cut - even if it's effective as a program. They have no say in cutting out those items that are not effective and eliminating those things to be used as the budget cuts. Instead every THING and every ONE who is invilved in the DoD is getting that 10% cut - like it or not. That's how the law was written. We have a-holes running this country. The spending issue needs to be addressed FAR before taxes. The "porking out" of the Sandy Relief bill should give us all a good idea what the REAL problem is.
The sequestration that was averted in the January 1 fiscal cliff legislation will still threaten a significant portion of the Pentagon's budget. Sequestration has been postponed, not avoided.

On March 1, there are still $45 billion of cuts to the Department of Defense scheduled to take place. Those looming cuts are already altering the Pentagon's administration and decisionmaking. As Comptroller Robert Hale said:

"We face a lot of uncertainty," Hale said. "We find ourselves balancing a lot of costs and risks."

The Pentagon comptroller also said the department was likely to be delayed in...