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Katie is an excellent example for young women to follow, unlike so many idiots females in recent years. She's brilliant, articulate, and KNOWS her facts. The way she presents her ideas is exactly what young conservatives (male and female) can learn from. I've seen her debate on the news against liberals and gun control. They have nothing to refute her arguments with. Providing these people with her knowledge, gives them a great footing and basis on which to constantly refute the lies of the left.
Katie has nailed it once again with solid FACTS and PROOF against the fallacy of the left's views on women. As a matter of fact, Katie hits libs right between the eyes with the truth every time she talks! And being a woman, libs cannot play the sexist card against her. Anthony391 below, took the words right out of my mouth - I'll back Katie for Pres when she's old enough and if she ever decides to run!
The sooner we get Reid and these liberal bastards out of office, the better!
She's a frickin' DEMOCRAT! Are her lips moving? She's lying, simple as that.
And remember, if some idiot is willing to violate a restraining order, do you think another law on the books will stop them from getting a gun? I've read too many stories about how a restraining order DIDN'T stop a bullet. That little chunk of metal rips through one of those faster than you can blink. Regardless if the guy goes to jail, you still have a dead woman. And also remember, a cop is always minutes away when seconds count. I'd much prefer seeing a woman fire and reload (repeat as necessary). Then again, idiot Doomberg restricted NYC women to only being able to have 2 clips with a max of 7 bullets each.
This bill must have something really special in it to make sure that women are finally protected from violent husbands, ex's, former BF's, etc... There must be some special force-field of protection the'll add to it, that keeps the bullets of these nut-jobs from getting to women. Gee, let's pass yet ANOTHER gun control law that will "protect" (someone) from the bullets of yet another rage-filled individual. When will our lawmakers FINALLY get a clue and realize that the 20,000+ gun laws on the books are NOT protecting ANYONE? Law abiding citizens do NOT need more gun laws, and not one of them will stop a single bullet from killing a woman (in this case)! It's time women employed the great equalizer and get themselves a gun. Get trained on how to use it. Practice with it over and over. And IF some ex (whatever) or a violent (husband, BF, even GF) decides they're gonna try to have their way, at least you have SOME chance of protection, because it sure as hell won't be 911 or another stupid restrictive gun law that idiot lib legislators believe work!
And to add more idiocy to the liberal bent - they want to tell us that women and men are completely equal. Ummm... Sorry ladies (and especially all you libs reading this), but men (in general) are far more physically powerful and it doesn't take us guys as much effort to inflict physical pain. I forgot to add that the Senate Judiciary Committee holding hearings on "protecting women from gun violence" only proves the point that liberalism IS a mental disorder. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over - expecting a different result. Passing another "gun law" to protect (fill in the blank) will NOT prevent another Sandyhook, or Columbine, or an ex breaking down the door... or... Whether people like it or not, the ONE PROVEN way to deter gun violence is with a trained, armed, populace - willing to step up and stop individuals who insist on using a gun to get their way.
Will someone PLEASE explain to these IDIOT liberals that a piece of legislation will NEVER keep guns out of the hands of ANY criminal? They can literally have a BILLION laws but if a criminal wants a gun, they're going to get it! And the ONLY thing that's going to deter them is other well trained, armed individuals who are willing to make the serious decision to stop them with another firearm. There is no law that ANYONE can make that will stop ANY of the mass shootings in recent years. NONE! Until more people are trained and armed, acting as a serious deterrent, criminals and mentally deranged individuals will continue to do what they want with a gun.
Shows that libs refuse to give up on their stupid ideals. If O-Bozo can't carry them out then certainly Hillarity will. Unless someone with some solid communication skills starts pushing serious conservative ideas in total contrast to the libs insanity we're doomed as a nation. I don't know how much more destruction this country can take, since our constitution is totally worthless to liberal policies and practices.
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

anonymous466 Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 2:49 PM
She wants us to have a Congress who works for us and for our families... You mean like the one your idiot hubby had for the first 2 years of his presidency? Like the one that brought us $17T in debt? Like the one what brought us HIGH unemployment and taxes? And like the one that brought us Obamacare? Uhhhh... Sure. I'll get right on that. I'll make SURE we have as FEW Demon-rats in Congress as possible - bee-otch!
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