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He doesn't get to do this. He can't bypass Congress just because THEY don't follow HIS time line or DO what HE demands! Congress HAS the authority to defund any and all activities that support this illegal action. Time for Congress to act and do THEIR job - even it means some serious govt gridlock! What's interesting is that we have ILLEGAL aliens invading our country and now the WH IDIOT does an ILLEGAL action to make them somehow "legal"? To use his own words against him - "He acted STUPIDLY!"
1. I think the GOP would be best off approving appropriations bills for each individual department of the govt. and force the WH IDIOT to approve each one of them and cut any and all funding that supports this exec. action. 2. The suggestion to with hold any nominations is also correct. 3. When the new Congress is sworn in, BOTH the Speaker of the House and Senate majority leader should respectfully request that this executive action be rescinded. If it's not, then it's long past time to draw up Articles of Impeachment. Regardless if it goes through or not, statements calling Obama a traitor, liar, saying he's subverting the country, and refusing to carry out his sworn duty to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the USA should be coming out of every GOP mouth anytime a mic is in front of them. At the same time kill him with his own words about he stated on multiple occasions he does NOT have the authority to do this. Pitchforks? Bring out the torches too! Time to storm the WH - in mass!
Seriously?? This is what she has left - attack an individual for the way SHE has aged over the years? It's HIS fault for showing people that? Sheesh. She IS short on ideas and DESERVES to be kicked out of office! What a shallow person to think people will vote for/against her based on her looks! Obviously, she's a typical liberal empty head.
I agree with removing ALL subsidies in just about every part of the govt tax plan. If a program needs govt (read - taxpayer assistance) than what good does it do for the country overall?. As for being involved with healthcare policy, yes, the govt should be involved but to a limited extent. Passing laws that allow portable insurance (across state lines) would help. Passing a law that allows for healthcare savings accounts - to be used ONLY for healthcare needs would help. And passing a law that allows for carry-over (year to year) of flexible spending plans would help. Basically setting up a framework in which insurance companies, health care providers, and people work within are what IS needed. The ACA hijacks that whole portion of our economy and literally STEALS the $$ while providing a VERY restrictive framework. Only this case, govt becomes THE controlling factor in people's lives - something TOTALLY against the entire basis for our Constitution and country.
After my personal experience with medicine in the military, I absolutely REFUSE to use the VA (or military hospital) for ANY medical issue I have. Told my wife that even if I'm in a car crash with the barest of life signs and the nearest medical facility is either a military hospital or a VA hospital, you demand they transport me to a civilian medical facility or I'll KNOW for a FACT you're purposely trying to kill me. She laughed but the dead serious look on my face told her I meant what I said. After retiring from the Air Force I will NEVER use a military medical facility EVER again! I view them ALL as death traps where they take that term "medical practice" to a new level. Fire them ALL and shut down the entire military medical system.
You have to actually HAVE ideas to run out of them. The problem with liberals is all their ideas are emotionally and theoritically based rather than outcome based. They want CEO's to be capped on income, yet where has it ever been a sin to earn more $$, thus punishing someone for being successful? They want the minimum wage increased, yet ignore the consequences and the ultimate negative result when that happens. They want to give everyone who cries a helping hand but forget about human nature and how people cheat and rape the system, consequently, our social services are beyond overloaded. They measure their effectiveness on how many are getting care rather than how many have been helped and no longer need it! It goes on and on with them! Like Rush Limbaugh has said over and over - conservativism WORKS - EVERY time it's been tried. And socialism has FAILED EVERY time it's been tried!
The'll need some backbone but the recourse they have is impeachment. That's what's constitutional when a President doesn't follow it. With a majority (R) in the Senate, an actual hearing can be held should the House send forth Articles of Impeachment. The downside to this? If the Senate actually convicts Obama, and kicks him out of the Presidency, we're stuck with that idiot for a Veep he picked.
As they say, "Beauty may be skin deep but ugly... That goes right down to the bones!" When Dem women open their mouth, that ugly stuff flows out continuously!
Seriously? So Iowans should vote for the screeching ugly chicks that run for office instead? Who cares what she looks like. What she says and does is far more important not only for those in Iowa, but the rest of the country as well. GO JONI!
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