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That's damned decent of the criminals in southern CA. You just don't find those types everywhere, that's for sure!
In my school district in Ohio, we can't afford the kids we have, and the NIMROD, head-up-her-a$$ Mayor of Dayton is saying we can take a bunch of those illegal immigrants here. Oh sure... Just bring in the diseased, the ones who can't even speak the language, the ones who have no place to live but oh yeah, we can afford to educate them. Just how Miss Mayor is Dayton going to do this when they can't even educate the ones we have? To make the drug problems here even more rampant, lets just introduce a bunch of teenagers (into our high schools) already infested with ties to the cartels south of the border. Yep... That'll help the local economy and besides, it's the "humanitarian" thing to do. Anybody want a useless Mayor? I'm willing to deport her ASAP to anywhere outside the US!
They already are - especially along the CA border in San Diego! Moving literal TONS of drugs and illegals into the US. God alone knows what other nefarious things those tunnels have been used for.
As if Israel doesn't have enough of those already!
Oh they are... And turning the kiddies into good little terrorists. To Hamas, the only good Jew is a dead one. If they're not dead, you kill them. And if they are dead, you step on them.
Another woman nailing lib-tards for exactly what they are! Nice!!!
Katie is an excellent example for young women to follow, unlike so many idiots females in recent years. She's brilliant, articulate, and KNOWS her facts. The way she presents her ideas is exactly what young conservatives (male and female) can learn from. I've seen her debate on the news against liberals and gun control. They have nothing to refute her arguments with. Providing these people with her knowledge, gives them a great footing and basis on which to constantly refute the lies of the left.
Katie has nailed it once again with solid FACTS and PROOF against the fallacy of the left's views on women. As a matter of fact, Katie hits libs right between the eyes with the truth every time she talks! And being a woman, libs cannot play the sexist card against her. Anthony391 below, took the words right out of my mouth - I'll back Katie for Pres when she's old enough and if she ever decides to run!
The sooner we get Reid and these liberal bastards out of office, the better!
She's a frickin' DEMOCRAT! Are her lips moving? She's lying, simple as that.
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