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After J. Bush's latest immigration comment, he ought to save himself a huge volume of time and just declare he not running right now before he makes himself out to be any more of an a$$.
Rush is right - again! When true conservative principles are used, people DO follow them and they know they WORK. Jeb, give it up. This stupid comment by you clearly launches you into the RINO group. The one thing we need far less of in this country is RINO's like you! We need true conservatives to give people a clear differentiation between idiotic failing liberal ideas and solid conservative ideas that work. Scott Walkers policies in WI are a classic case of conservative idea that work!
Please explain which racial barrier he has broken, and DON'T say being the 1st black elected Pres. Clinton got that one. As far as him providing health care to those who didn't before, there are 7 mil that signed up for O-care, and over 30 mil that didn't have it before. And while 7 mil signed up (according to inflated govt figgers), about 15 mil LOST their insurance. So yeah, the white house POS really helped a lot of people alright - helped them move closer toward total poverty. Jump started our economy? How? By spending several $T on stimulus bills? Yep, those bills just took it out of OUR hides in the form of taxes and put it in the hands of groups like Solyndra and his other buds. Real help to the economy when now 1 of 6 are on welfare. Neo - get your head out of Obama's a$$ and see the facts!
So the point of Jesse Jackson's premise is, a tech company should hire someone based on their skin color or race instead of their experience, education, and knowledge to do the job? If that's the case then the NBA and NFL have a LONG way to go to be diversified - especially the NBA! Jackson - so full of BS! What a waste of a human being.
The numbers are this high only because they over-sampled liberals by 50%.
What difference does it make, now?
As a quote from that bee otch, I wonder, as she claims to be a communist, just whom she would be "praying" to?
More deceptive LIES of the left. How many different UNACCOUNTABLE panels, and organizations are set up under O-care? And how many additional IRS agents were added to check on people's ability to PAY? That's ALL the ACA was about from the start - is to set up a bunch of people to add even MORE red tape to prevent you from getting health care. And speaking of that the ACA is NOT about Health OR Care. It's about how the Govt can CONTROL YOU as an individual so they can rape, pillage, and plunder and earnings you get to support all these unaccountable groups who will make the decisions about your health care. Michelle O LIES as much as her Satan-filled husband.
Way to go Michelle! Nailed GLAAD for the truely INtolerant group it is.
Apparently the consequences of the regulations were pretty bad considering 0 hid them from his low-info voters. Had they heard about them, even they would have FINALLY seen the level of total corruption that's in that O-BOZO is so full of!
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