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The headline for the article says: "Barely a Third of Democrat Congressional Candidates Support Obamacare". Really? Seriously? Does anyone truly believe this line of BS? You can't trust these Democrat bastards. They'll LIE like a rug to get elected and then change their minds after they get sworn in. ANY liberal is a problem for this country. Vote them and ALL RINO's out of office regardless of what they SAY on the campaign trail.
You hit on 2 words that scare the he!! out of ALL Dems - Responsibility and Accountability. I've seen presidents from JFK through today and not ONE Dem has the guts to take responsibility for ANY of their actions, especially since Carter. ALL of them in Congress and at the top of the pile spend so much time blaming every thing and ANY one for the consequences of their actions. Most of the time their fingers are pointed across the aisle to the GOP. At times it's justified but the vast majority of them, those horrid consequences are a direct result of Democrat action or inaction. Their liberal, socialist agenda is a total failure now as history has pointed out time and time again.
I wonder how Hillary would feel if Chelsea decided on an abortion - killing Hillary's 1'st grandchild. I think her views on abortion might be a lot different.
You shouldn't insult rattlesnakes. At least they tend to warn before they strike.
I think if you talk to many women, they're not as overboard thrilled with her as a woman, let alone a politician. While a bunch of women would go ga-ga for her to be Pres, a huge bunch more are realistic in their thinking about just who Hillary is. Women are not as "automatically" willing to vote for someone their gender as blacks were for the skin color of Obama.
From the results, I'm interpreting that 60% of the people polled, said she'd be as bad or worse than Obama. From a few headlines I've caught, it seems most Dem's are pretty unhappy with O's performance already. When you consider that people consider Hillary to be as bad or slightly worse, you get the idea that most of the country is about fed up with the results of liberal policies. I hope so! FINALLY, it may be sinking in.
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BREAKING: Eric Holder to Resign

anonymous466 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 12:18 PM
Was just thinking the same thing! No loss to see Holder leave, but I think we all know he's going to be replaced by another idiot lib doing the bidding of the WH thug.
I won't deny that the climate is changing, but the point that all these Hollywood loons and environmentalists wackos are making, is that it's all man-driven. Telling America to buy 50 MPG vehicles and change the freakin' lightbulbs to burn less electric power is useless, when China, India, Russia, Mexico, and a whole host of other countries indiscriminately pollute the air, land and sea with anything and just about everything! But polluting the environment is different than climate change. It's only a small piece of it that is FAR from proven to be THE cause of anything significant on the climate - warming OR cooling. What affects our climate far more is the sun itself - something we have zero control over. I don't advocate wanton pollution either. But it's NOT the solution to "fixing" the climate. We're subject to climate changes regardless what happens. I highly doubt we're all going to freeze to death, or cook so badly we can't even grow crops. The way these people talk about climate change is nothing short of silliness and worrying that the sky is falling.
Couldn't agree more!
At 2:12 in the video he says, "It's much more important to change your politician than to change your light bulb, or your cell phone, or your automobile." Fine... Lets start by changing your job to: UNEMPLOYED! And at 2:21 he says, "Right now the Koch brothers own the Republican Party, the TEA Party and they own a lot of the Democratic Party." Sounds contradictory to me to "own" a chunk of all those political organizations, especially with the Dumb-o-craps all saying how much they hate the Koch brothers.
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