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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

anonymous466 Wrote: 8 hours ago (2:49 PM)
She wants us to have a Congress who works for us and for our families... You mean like the one your idiot hubby had for the first 2 years of his presidency? Like the one that brought us $17T in debt? Like the one what brought us HIGH unemployment and taxes? And like the one that brought us Obamacare? Uhhhh... Sure. I'll get right on that. I'll make SURE we have as FEW Demon-rats in Congress as possible - bee-otch!
On an Android-based phone, you could always "root" it - meaning you make it a VERY generic Android phone. It won't have all the carrier-specific apps installed nor will it likely work if they are. However, it WILL allow you to do some incredible things with your phone you couldn't before. AND you can take your phone with you from carrier to carrier.
Seriously? A SIM card is all that's needed? Carriers punch those out by the thousands. Takes a whopping 30 seconds to swap one out of any cellphone - and you need about 28 of those to open the case to get to it! Be real. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 - used by every carrier out there. There's NO reason I SHOULDN'T be able to use my phone on Verizon, or Sprint, or AT&T, or T-Mobile, or... or... or...
If Rockville MD got nailed by the IDF, I'd say they were missing the target by several miles. DC is in a slightly different vector - fire at will. (Sarcasm off) Truthfully, I don't get it where the anti-Israel protesters think Israel has no right to protect her citizens from rocket AND terrorist attacks! Hamas is a KNOWN terrorist organization. It's even recognized by the UN as one! Damn people, get a clue. "Oh, and the claim that Hamas is using innocent Palestinians as human shields is a lie, or something." Yeah... or something. It's against international LAW to use hospitals, schools, and religious shrines/buildings for military weapon storage and use. I guess all that photo evidence Israel has that PROVES Hamas is doing that is made up too. Fine. I say we set up a Palestinian state right outside of Rockville MD and all these anti-Israel protesters can have their beloved peaceful Palestinians live next to them.
There are typically 6 heads in your usual 3-platter HD that read/write data to the magnetic platter. If one touches the platter, it can cause scratches deep and long enough to render the drive useless. The platters typically spin at either 7500 or 10,000 rpm. The heads literally ride a few thousandths above the platter and move back and forth across it in a matter of microseconds. Head crashes happen all the time. We have a saying in IT that there are only 2 types of HD's - ones that have crashed and ones that will. That's the reason so many web-based back-up ventures have taken off over the past few years.
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Obamacare's Fraudulent Incentives

anonymous466 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 1:51 PM
MacQ, you're wasting time trying to logically explain basic principles of economics to a liberal. Lois's even blaming the GOP for this mess when NONE of them even voted for it! To Lois, it's OK to let the Feds mismanage our taxes by handing it out to anyone who prints their name on a line instead of conducting proper program oversight. Lois hasn't figured out that EVERY program the Gov't handles is totally mismanaged and loaded with fraud and corruption way beyond what we already know. The Post Office, Medicaid, Medi-scare, Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac, Social (IN)Security, AmTrack, VA, etc... NOTHING has been run properly from the start! So what makes ANYONE even THINK Obama-scare will be done right?
"We have to pass the law to find out what's in it." - Nancy Pelosi To paraphrase from Obama himself on another subject - "The IRS... Acted stupidly!"
It comes from the Ministry of (Dis)Information. They tell us what we're supposed to believe.
This idiot must be a lib and a total Obama supporter. The fix is to throw more money at the problem and not just more, but a LOT more!!! The problem with that lunacy is that the $$ will do absolutely NOTHING to resolve the problems of corruption. How about firing a bunch of people who have continued to foster that culture? Most of all, how about the people hired to work there: 1. Be allowed to do the VERY job they were hired to do, and 2. Actually DO the damn job they're EXPECTED to do! Time to remove massive amounts of red tape and get these people the care necessary. These hospitals "should" be the pinnacle of hospitals in this country. Instead they're the dredges of society as far as medical care goes.
I work at a major military installation. I spent 18 years in the Air Force and was able to get early retirement. I'm now a Gov't civilian. If injured, I could be taken to the base hospital or to the VA center on the other side of town. I told my wife that if SHE ever took me to either place, I KNEW for a fact she was TRYING to kill me. After 18 years of socialized medicine, never seeing the same Doc twice - ever, having treatment in the form of spending maybe 5 minutes with me, checking basic vitals and possibly a 15 second look at my records - finally, their form of medical practice would be to write a prescription (for whatever) and send you on your way. I absolutely REFUSE to go back to either butcher shop. I also told my wife that if I was severely injured, right on the base, and the base hospital just a minute away, to make sure I was taken to anyone of the local hospitals (nearest about 4 miles away) instead. I don't care if my head was barely hanging onto my body, I refuse to see these idiots they call doctors at ANY military medical facility. I've had enough personal experience in 18 years I HAD to go see them, to let me know I NEVER want to again. And you know what? Just like the article states - this is basically Obamacare-lite. There's NOTHING the Govt has EVER run that truly did what they claimed or worked right. We're doomed with Obamacare.
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