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Courtesy our socialist-directed public education system. The Teachers union and the NEA should be proud of what they've accomplished.
We'll give 'em a fair trial, to be immediately followed by a 1st class hangin!
The continuous stupidity of the left is truly astounding! How does someone vote for these obvious total cheats and frauds and then look in the mirror and say to their reflection, "I did some good for the country today".
Following int he footsteps of the example set before him by his leader - O-bola. He doesn't attend about half of his PDB's, so why should this guy show up either? Just another empty suit "leading" this country to Hell in a hand-basket.
The Dems have literally gone totally irrational, illogical, and total idiotic - even far more than they have been! As a group they've been saying wrong is right for decades. If that isn't bad enough, you have Wendy doing this stupid stunt. Earlier today I read (on Breitbart) John Kerry saying that ISIS is caused by Israel's refusal to accept PLO demands. Last week, Oblama told us that bans of airline traffic from Ebola infected west African nations won't do anything to stop it. And in WI, for the Gov campaign, you have a challenger (Mary Burke) to Scott Walker telling us that her Trek bicycle company created jobs in WI when nearly all manufacturing jobs were outsourced to - China. What individual in this country with an IQ above 50 is even CONSIDERING voting for ANY Demon-Rat candidate? I thought we had waaayyyyy too many STUPID people in '08 and then again in '12 when O-bozo was reelected. This is downright moronic!
Like EVERYTHING this Pres has done, it's only done halfheartedly and to show he's "trying" to fix the problem, rather than fully deal with the situation. He's trying to please the far left by NOT sending in troops (after all he'd be seen as a war monger), yet appear like he's doing what he can by using air strikes. Air strikes are good if you have solid hard targets to go after, but these guys are a semi-rag-tag mobile army of people that can't and WON'T be pinned down to make air strikes effective. He NEVER should have gotten out of Iraq on some pre-determined time table. All that did was create the environment for this group to thrive and use the equipment we left behind. (I don't understand us doing THAT either!)
In the year 1948, George Orwell wrote the book - 1984. This administrations double-speak in just the past 2 weeks alone make 1984 such a reality, I'm having a difficult time envisioning Orwell's book was a work of fiction. He (unfortunately) had it right, just a few years too short. This group running the country right now is downright scary on a massive level.
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Good News: Obama Appoints Ebola Czar

anonymous466 Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 12:39 PM
OK... I'm totally clueless. IF you're a fan of the Pres, and his policies, PLEASE, PLEASE explain to the rest of us (in rational terms) just how appointing someone with ZERO health experience is supposed to help contain the Ebola situation and protect the country? And while your at it, please explain (again in rational terms) WHY the Secy of HHS is NOT leading the direction on this issue for the country in concert with the NIH and the CDC? The ineptitude from the WH is increasing at an exponential rate! Unbelievable.
Abortion - that sacred cow to ALL Democraps! They'll defend the "right" to kill the unborn no matter how stupidly absurd they sound.
Yeah... I forgot. Thanks for the reminder. I keep thinking that they would grow up (at some point), start using their heads, and thinking rationally. Then I remember what Michael Savage called his book - "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder". I should have known better.
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