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Suing Bushmaster for this incident is like suing the airlines when the hijackers flew them into the WTC on 9-11. There's no way possible can I see how Bushmaster was at fault in any way for the crime that took place. It's difficult for these parents to go through this loss - no doubt. We lost our daughter last year to a drug overdose. I understand what losing a child is like. I agree what it says in the article though - that they're acting on emotion and not facts or the law.
Rush was right (again!). Environmentalist wackos!
And Joseph was the start of how the Hebrews got into Egypt. By the time Moses came around, 400 years had passed and Joseph was long dead, along with the Pharoh whom he served. I'm figuring roughly 330-370 years had gone by AFTER Joseph's death. That amount of time qualifies (to me, anyway) as being slaves for MOST of the time they were in Egypt.
Wow... After reading that review, why bother watching it. Hollywood seems to take more than their literary license in EVERY Bible-base movie. They add things that never took place, re-invent things that are never written and tell the stories in a completely different way than is written and expect us to believe that garbage. Even in the movie the Ten Commandments, it skips a bunch of things and misses on several points, but it's still one of the most accurate movies of the Exodus.
Sounds like an Obama plan to me. Let's enact it. Remember how he'd have more flexibility AFTER the election? The more he does, the more I keep hoping his smoking will do him in MUCH sooner than later. We certainly can't count on the R's to impeach his rear!
Justice? Who said anything about that? To Dem's, the only thing that matters is that it's "FAIR". "Fair" means everyone else gets screwed at the expense of the irresponsible, the illegal, and those who wish to do nothing but get their a$$ covered by the US taxpayer.
The states have just as much emphasis against the Pres for circumventing the laws of the country and violating his oath of office (God alone knows how often he's done that anyway!).
How quickly they forget about 9-11 and how that day's events went. They were all holding hands and singing on the Capitol steps that evening in unison for the country, but now lack the stomach to face the dirty work necessary of finding out who was behind it. All too many forget the reason we're in Afghanistan in the 1st place. Like a nest of cockroaches, the more we dug, the more we discovered the middle east is chock full of terrorists in training. Bush was right - you're either with us in killing terrorists or you're with them. I believe EVERY liberal is tacitly against this country by siding against the means we employ to find terrorists/jihadists.
"A U.N. human rights expert said..." Isn't the UN Human Rights group run by Iranian and N. Korean representatives? Yeah.... I can see how THEY would consider the techniques torture. And those countries NEVER practice methods like those. That's right... The practice ones MUCH worse - especially on Christians. As for the detainees, they have no US Civil rights and none guaranteed them by the Geneva Conventions. Therefore, they could've been shot on the battlefield! If it weren't for the fact we wanted OBL so badly amongst other high profile types, I wish we would have shot them! Too many to pay for their care and feeding in Cuba anyway!
That's the scary part about this bunch. They're not even coy about it. They flat out LIE right to your face, KNOWING it's a lie and KNOWING you also know it's a lie! Then pass that off as if the lie is reality. Toss in a media that is equally as complicit as them in re-telling the lies -as truth, and we, as a country, are certainly on the path to total destruction unless something is done really soon!
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