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You're right, IRAN doesn't. They pay Jihad terrorists to do it for them.
I blame Bush for NOT doing this. That is the REAL problem - we DIDN'T invade or bomb most of the middle east countries. I said a long time ago we should have nailed Iran while we had equipment and troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan. When we got finished with them, turn our attention to the west at Syria. Should have taken all 4 countries, literally off the map. Had we done that, ISIS wouldn't exist, the Muslim Brotherhood would be three guys sitting in an Egyptian cafe, and our embassy in Benghazi would be in operation.
Kinda makes you wonder where all that $$ went. It obviously didn't do the students one bit of good. However, if you look at teacher's salaries over the past 7 years and where they are, you're likely to find that in nearly every state those salaries have risen faster than the average worker has seen over the past 6-7 years.
The DOE is run by liberals! Has been for decades! This plan is nothing more than to dump even MORE tax $$ into the education system by stating we need to do a better job of giving our kids an education. The real crux of this issue is O-IDIOT is paying off his buds in the academic arena by funneling more and more tax $$ toward educating new libs. You saw the headline about how govt funding of our schools has gone off the scale but test scores remain stagnant. Educating our kids? Yeah, right.
As far as I understand, no one has EVER stopped the Muslims from praying. So the 700 students out of 15,000 (about 4.5% total), need a special LOUD horn to call them to the Christian Chapel to pray? Like they DON'T know what time it is? If they're THAT devout, believe me, they don't need the horn to call them to any prayers. Stupid idea to cow tot hem in the 1st place. Does Duke hold Christian services in the chapel too? Do they afford Christians the same access? What about any Jews? They mentioned Hindu's and Buddhists int he article, but truthfully, I've got to believe that they make up probably even less percent than the Muslims of the total student body.
You must mean the innocent ones who were cheering on 9-11 that America was attacked. And the innocent ones who kill Christians - simply because they don't believe in Islam. Or the innocent ones who chop off heads of people they've kidnapped. Yeah... We get it. Personally, I'd start nuking every square inch of land from the Atlantic ocean in north Africa across to Somolia and even Ethopia. Then start from Saudi Arabia all the way to the Indian border. Then from the Russian border right down to the Indian ocean and the ONLY island I'll leave standing is Israel. DAMN Muslims are THE primary cause of 90% of the worlds terrorism issues. BUT... I don't make policy for this country, therefore it won;t happen, so YOU, Svirk, can sleep safely tonight.
I was just going to say the same thing, and while they're at it, make this as huge a deal nationally as possible. If a woman's going to make an accusation, then she really had better own up to it and name names. I can only imagine how hard it must be for a woman to admit to rape, but in this day and age, it's not like this is (unfortunately) a rare event. At the same time, if there's nothing possible to relate to the accused, then she (and in this case, the college and Rolling Stone) ought to face an equal backlash for false accusation!
Make no mistake, the WH KNOWS exactly how many prisoners were released - if any. The garbage they toss at us is to make everyone wonder about what's really going on when they just don't want to say. This pres is in bed with every corrupt govt on the planet. He'd do anything to make nice with them in an attempt to show us (as a country) what we really deserve. He's following the liberal line. Damn... Jan 20, 2017 can't get here fast enough.
Obama claims to be Christian too. Yet his actions and the words that spew from his mouth proclaim something vastly different than Christian beliefs. Going to church makes you as much a Christian as standing in a garage makes you a vehicle. Until their actions and words match, I'll believe it them when I see them. Even Jesus said you shall know them by their fruits. A tree spitting out lemons doesn't make it an apple tree.
Lemme guess... About 90% of these people are black. Don't these people have anything better to do at 11:15 at night but hang around gas stations and convenience stores ready for a protest? And "protesting" what? At that time of night, just what message are you trying to send? We're allowed to "assemble peacefully". These people were smashing windows, shouting against the police, injuring them, and wrecking city property (police cars). I just can't see how this falls under the term: "peacefully assembling". Pulling a gun on a cop who's talking to you is NOT going to help you one bit, regardless what color your skin is, no matter what city you're in. There are some REALLY stupid people in this country.
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