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Gary Johnson: Mitt Romney’s Worst Nightmare?

Anonymous4654 Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 12:14 AM
I was definitely going to vote for Bob Barr until Sarah Palin came on the scene. Howver, Romney is just too unpalatable and there is NO one he could select as a running mate that would induce me to vote for him.

A new national poll making headlines today shows former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson polling at 6 percent nationally. Via BuzzFeed:


Okay, so there’s that. Frankly, I think the last time I heard Gary Johnson’s name mentioned in the national media was when he plagiarized Rush Limbaugh’s witty comments about the Obama administration’s failed “shovel-ready” boondoggle during a GOP debate last year. In any case, it’s probably safe to assume he’s far from building a coalition of...