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You hit the nail on the head. We need God's help!
Or vote third party. It is important that the GOPe understand just how many voters they lost! The important thing is to vote and not to vote for either the Dem or the Rep liberal loser!
Are you seriously trying to suggest that Ronald Reagan was nominated and ran for the presidency and lost twice before winning? You get an "F" in history!
In light of what happened in Mississippi, do you think we can?
I agree totally with what you said, but I would like to add, he smeared and lied about the other GOP candidates (his slanderous vicious lies about Newt were beyond the pale as far as I was concerned.) He alienated a lot of people with these tactics. I hope we do not see a repeat in the next primary, where his mormon base gives him the plurality in the primaries where each and very candidate splints the remaining 70% to 80%. I fear the decks are totally stacked against us and the reality is we need to join a third party. But there needs to be an epiphany in the base for that to happen, and right now the base still thinks they can change the GOP. I fear that is not the case.
I agree, we should agree on one candidate before the primaries even start. But how do we do this, where do we start? (Personally I favor a Walker/Cruz ticket or vice versa, but even that is a problem!)
The only reason he does not have a career in politics is not because he didn't spend a lot of time and money trying, but because he keeps losing!
Ronald Reagan NEVER NEVER NEVER lost a gubernatorial or presidential election! You are comparing apples and oranges. Indeed, he did narrowly lost the nomination to Gerald Ford the appointed president when Nixon resigned, but Fold lost to Carter, and then 4 years later Reagan won the nomination and the white house. I more apt comparison would be Adlai Stevenonson, who ran twice, lost twice.
like romney's winnning coalition?
Whereas nominating someone like McCain or Romney has been so successful!
I think he is the enemy, if he runs he loses and takes this country with him. He needs to get his ego out of this and step aside.
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