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Sharron Engle is the lawful senator from Nevada. Harry Reid cheated. I hope if there is a GOP majority nest term, they throw this illegitimate senator out not only for the sake of Nevada, but for the country as a whole.
joseph smith was shot trying to escape from jail; he had a smuggled gun and he murdered two people with it trying to escape.
Yeah, shot to death while trying to escape from jail with a smuggled weapon, and, by the way, he murdered two people while trying to escape --which is why he was shot.
liberals and democrats not happy with obama, republicans not happy with romney; solution: Vote libertarian! (or constitution party)
The true republican candidate is running as a libertarian. Gary Johnson was the successful two-term governor of New Mexico. He is a true conservative with a backbone and the ability to say "No." The democrats and the republicans are running two very liberal, very flawed candidates. Why do we have to be locked in by party labels?
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A Murder of One

Anonymous4654 Wrote: May 14, 2012 12:33 PM
It was Mark Steyn killed Bambi's mother?
I also think we should stop making life so very very nice for these political hacks with their exaggerated sense of self importance. They live like royalty. (We could start by yanking out the air conditioning.)
I think it is entirely possible you are correct, paul will endorse romney; however, I doubt his supporters will! I suspect they will flock to the libertarian candidate.
The character assination begins!
I was definitely going to vote for Bob Barr until Sarah Palin came on the scene. Howver, Romney is just too unpalatable and there is NO one he could select as a running mate that would induce me to vote for him.
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