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You may be right, I am a minority in the GOP, and I should look elsewhere as Ronald Reagen did when he stated "I did not leave the democrat party, the democrat party left me." And then recently, McConnell announced that he hated people like me and he was going to purge the party of us. As far as I am concerned, he really does not have to do that. I consider myself purged.
They way they did in passing cromnibus in the lame duck congress? Wise like that?
When things are this bad, you should be pessimistic. And then decide what you can do to try to effect change. Expressing your anger over this treachery is a start! Charm and whimsy are out of place at this point. Doing what you can to help wake up the sleeping giant is more appropriate.
Boehner ensured the passage of cromnibus AFTER the election, this not before. This betrayal was done by a lame duck congress, even we low info voters know this!
Things have already gone badly! After cromnibus, it is obvious taht Boehner is Obama's lackey. How much more proof do you need? This election of the speaker is not cast in stone, it can be undone, and maybe if we rant enough, it will be!
The house should do the will of the people who elected them, and if the people have clearly indicated that they do not want John Boehner as Speaker, which they have, their elected representatives have no business doing anything but representing the will of their constituants!
If Boehner were going to be effective and agressive, he would not have lied to get the cromnibus bill passed. Clearly, he is obama's puppet and does not represent the interest of the people.
I can accept a republican that I don't agree with about 20% to 30% of the time, but looking at Romney's real record, when he was actually in office, I don't agree with him 100% of the time. So no thanks.
After what happened last week with the Cromnibus, I would say they have become DNC heavy!
You hit the nail on the head. We need God's help!
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