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michelle = nosy POS
I have no respect for liars! People want the border sealed shut 1st.
I agree!
After watching Rubio on immigration changes.......I no longer care what he does. Go away, you are just another lying loser.
The government should let it go. Get completely out of it - then watch it become a profitable service. The government cannot run anything without mountains of waste.
Comments like this demonstrate what a self-centered amateur she is. That this occupies her mind, we understand why her lust for power causes her to lie - just like BHObama. These traits are certainly not among those of a great leader.
RINO RINO RINO Seems like there are far more important things going on that need attention. But, then, she's just a libturd chasing useless issues like all the rest. What a piece of S.
This administration's ineptness is boundless. Incompetent liars, all of them.
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